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Woodland Town's High School After Tornado

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People emerge from Woodland High School on a cloudy morning following a massive storm that produced 3 tornadoes.

From my CJ: SC4 Zero to Million Challenge: A massive EF4 and 2 smaller EF3 tornadoes ripped through Woodland Town, causing mass devastation. The EF4 tornado, as seen in the previous update, was barreling directly towards the school that served as a make-shift shelter for over 3,000 people, including the major and his business partner/best friend Ben and their families, who made it in the nick of time.

In a twist, the tornado changed course in the last minute, missing the majority of the school sparing nearly half the town's terrified population that were inside, and only destroyed the upper level science and math halls. While the majority of people took shelter in the gym, hundreds more took cover in the bathrooms, storage closets, teacher closets, and just about anywhere inside the school that didn't have windows. (The gym is in the lower right corner of the school). The area north of the school is what used to be apartments. Other people took shelter at the basements in the homes that had them.

This is the preview of the next update for this CJ, which will show the rest of Woodland Town after the tornadoes.

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