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© Bipin

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Are you kidding me... :O
If I had seen that on another website I would of sworn it was an image from goggle earth, just sick.

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Once again, your images prove that you are a master of this game. :thumb:

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Thank you for the very kind words @takemethere and @gfv1974! I'll spend an entire day on a tiny little city block, so I'm glad my work is being appreciated! :D

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    • By grahamdunstan
      Its seems that I can't just sit down and play this game, Don't get me wrong I love it it's great, The best city builder that we have ever been graced with and it has certainly set a new bench mark and lifted are expectations of what should follow. However at the moment I seem to spend more time in the workshop looking for new buildings, Cars and mods that I will never have time to actually build or play with as I'm always in the workshop but I still "NEED THEM ALL", Am I alone on this or is this a subscription addiction that touches many past me. Lets see how many people can relate to this below.

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      When a custom asset burns down, the game does "rescue operations" forever. There is never a simple option to "Rebuild," as there is with special regular assets. When you have gone to extra lengths to position assets perfectly, this can be quite annoying, as the only solution is to demo and re-place.

      Any solution for this? Where is the bug? Is it in the RICO mod or elsewhere?
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      A custom stadium, inspired by Municipal Stadium of Braga, Portugal. This BAT is simple ,without details.
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      In case you missed it we recently had a few people post a bunch of assets to the workshop, which weren't theirs and claiming them as their own. All comments saying they're stolen or mentioning the original creator got deleted as well. It got me thinking that some creators prob don't know what kind of rights they have or how to handle it, when someone steals their assets like that, so I made a little guide. I'll share it here for those of you who haven't figured it out yet and so we can get it out there.  
      One thing is sharing our work or carrying on something abandoned, but those intentionally claiming things as their own and not giving the original creator credit just isn't okay in my book. And it's actually not allowed either.  
      Guide: Content creator rights and how to enforce them
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      So I've decided to get rid of all of my mods and assets by removing them from the folder they are stored in.When I start the game there is no detected custom mods and assets in game but when I go to my workshop items,it says I'm still subbed to them.Is there anyway to remove them from my subscribed items list.
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