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Other images in Roundabout Filler (S3-06-C)

Don't Roll Over Beethoven

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Sadly Mr. Beethoven became deaf in his late years and couldn't hear the calming sound of steady traffic anymore.


A simple Avenue Roundabout Filler with 2 + 1 dependencies

1. BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02.dat

2. PEG-Statues_Classics_101.dat


3. NAM (not needed for the lot, but what to do with a roundabout filler if there's no roundabout around it?)


You'll find the lot in the park menu

Plop: 300$

Remove: 40$

Monthly 5$

- slight air cleaning

- slight monuments effect

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From the album

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I'm listening to Sir Beethovan,  a master artist, my kind of people,

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