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I finally found a use for the 'Day of Peace' flags props issued by Maxis.  I made a lot, seen in the upper-left, with a plaza featuring all the flags.  The background was left transparent to represent some unknown dimension SimPlanet would exist in.  Just as I was taking the picture in SC4 a little blue car like mine came down the middle street in front of the humanities building.   Makes  me wonder, am I creating a simulation, or is it creating me.  

From the album

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Very unique! I have yet to see anything else like this. If I may, how did you pull this effect off?



Makes  me wonder, am I creating a simulation, or is it creating me.  


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Below is the raw image from the SC4 camera, then I ran it through several filters, changing contrast, color balance, adding some shadows and touching up some areas, etc.  First I used a perspective effect to get the angles receding to one-point perspective, then finally I used an effects filter simply called 'circle' on PSP 6.  The perspective and circle combined made it look like a ball.    Now how do I get out of this thing? 

Photoshop Challenge.jpg

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    • By RandyE
      This is my third park lot using the vanilla props from SC4.  This park is part of an urban beautification and vitalization project for the inner-city.  
      Named after the Parthenon in Athens, an architectural and cultural artifact representing the foundations of modern civilization, and attributed to Athena, the personification of calmness, wisdom, ethical, and civil society.  The park design utilizes the dimensions said to be essential to the Parthenon following the golden rectangle ratio, calculated in SC4 city tiles as 8 (width) by 5 (depth).  The Parthenon building landmark was released as an update to SC4.
      The park is well-lighted with a variety of animations and park-related props including the Zen Rock Garden, Greenhouses, Koi Fish Pond, a Pool, Fountains, Swing Sets, Slides, Refreshment Stand, Gazebo, Billboards, Basketball Courts, and a small Skateboard arena.
      This lot is animation and graphics-intensive, found under the parks menu, but intended as a main feature or central city park, and so should only be plopped once in any city you are building.
      Medium Wealth
      Cost: 950
      Monthly Income: 150
      Air Pollution: -30, 10
      Water Pollution, -10, 10
      Park Effect: 100, 40
      Landmark Effect: 80, 20
      Maxis Night Lighting
      No Dependencies
    • By korver
      Before you cast your vote, please view the first comment to see it in full resolution!
      Photoshop enhancements:
      Crashing waves, custom water texture, custom beach texture, fog/mist, boat reflections, boat ripples, and the usual stuff that I include in nearly all of my pictures (which includes finding a suitable filter, faded black borders, slight tilt shift, editing some of the color values to make them "pop", and then varying levels of saturation, glow, and sharpening)
      From my "South Pacific" entry in my CJ, True Earth:
      "...After getting off our cruise ship, we make our way across Easter Island to Anakena Beach. Anakena is one of two beaches that Easter Island has to offer - the rest of the island is quite rocky and barren, making it a popular tourist destination. We're surrounded by wild horses, endless palm trees, and the sound of crashing waves once we get to the beach, and Moai statues face inwards towards the island to greet us once we get there. The Rapa Nui people purposely placed the Moai facing inland while they were being constructed some 600-800 years ago - to show that they were protecting and honoring the people of Easter Island. The mysterious Moai statues offer more questions than answers: how were they built, how were they set up, and how did the Rapa Nui people move the statues across the island? No one really knows for certain, so we just sit back and admire their greatness. After checking out the Moai, we spend the rest of our day lounging around in our inner tubes, taking in the natural beauty of the island - it's truly a one of a kind destination."
    • By Cyclone Boom
      Voting Open!
      Fantastic Photoshop  (Weekly Challenge #24)
      Show us your creative image editing skills!

      To vote, view the album below and rate the images as you'd like:

      Voting will close on Sunday 8th November.
      Voting Rules
      Votes will be cast by rating images inside the album. You may rate all images once at any rating value (1-5). All votes are anonymous. Try to rate as many as you can as this will help the results ordering. The winner will be the top ranked image after a 5 day voting period.
      The final rank will be determined by the Baseline Automated Ranking System (BARS):
      We encourage you to vote on all images, as this will help keep the voting evenly distributed.
      Winning Rewards
      The reputation prizes are as follows:
      Fantastic Photoshop  (Weekly Challenge #24):
      Entries: 12
      Prize Fund:  360 Rep + Bonus
      1st Place:  180 Rep + Bonus
      2nd Place:  108 Rep + Bonus
      3rd Place:  72 Rep + Bonus
      Prize Fund distribution:
      (1st Place = 50%,  2nd Place = 30%,  3rd Place = 20%)
      Note: The "Bonus" rep figure will be calculated after voting has concluded.
      Good luck everyone!
    • By Cyclone Boom
       Final Results Announced! [Link] 
      Fantastic Photoshop  (Weekly Challenge #24)
      Show us your creative image editing skills!

      Images in our cities can look realistic, but editing them with Photoshop can make them seem lifelike. Take them to the next level, add extra effects and details which aren't possible in the games. Yes, it's time to get artistic and put your editing skills to the test...
      This time we're looking for an image from any city-building game, using at least one image manipulation technique. This can be subtle or complex, it's really up to you.
      There's really endless possibilities, and any scene can be used for the image. Also it doesn't necessarily have to be edited using Photoshop -- there's lots of alternatives out there (e.g. Gimp, Paint.NET, or even web-based tools). Even Word has some basic built-in tools!
      Extended Submission Period
      As there's a bit more work involved this time, this will be an "extended" challenge running for 2 weeks. It also means that (depending on the number of entries) the prize fund will be somewhat larger than a regular weekly event.
      Submit your images in the album below

      Submission Requirements
      Going with the theme of this challenge, the image must be edited or enhanced in some form.
      This can be done by any photo manipulation software, not just limited to Photoshop. If the editing is subtle, it might be worth briefly mentioning in the description which techniques are used. For example, sharpening or colour correction.
        Please submit only one image per challenge album.
        For the purpose of voting, please check your image has a full title & description.
        This challenge is open to all city-building games (SC4, C:S, SC13, CXL, etc).
        To qualify for entry, please ensure your image is uploaded to the above album, and complies with these requirements.
      Voting will start on the 4th of November, an announcement will be made when that is available. Votes will be cast by rating images inside the album. You may rate any image you wish at any rating you wish. Try to rate as many as you can as this will help the album ordering.
      The winners will be the top 3 rated images after a 5 day voting period. Reputation prizes will be awarded based on the number of entries, and the overall average rating. See this post for more details.
      Good luck everyone!
      The Next Challenge
      Leisure Activities
    • By Acc3ssViolation

      Vehicle Effects is a mod I've been working on that allows some more effects to be added to vehicles via xml files, while also adding a couple of custom effects. This way we can have steam trains that have steam, propeller planes that don't sound like jets and probably many more things that look and sound like they should. Some features are still being added, but the mod can be found here!
      Current features
      Editor for creating definition files in the Asset Editor. Allows new effects to be added to vehicles. Allows replacement and removal of existing effects on a vehicle. 'wrapper' effect used to position other effects. 3 new engine sound effects, one steam, one diesel, one wheel noise. 1 new particle effect for steam exhausts on trains and boats. 1 new particle effect for diesel engine exhausts. 1 new small spot light effect with daytime visibility. MultiEffects via config to create alternating/timed effects. Propeller sound effect for planes. Planned features
      Update editor to support custom MultiEffects. Add better location preview for wrapped effects in editor. Video
      Video showing some particle, sound and light effects.
      Workshop page
      GitHub page
      If anyone has ideas, suggestions or problems concerning this mod, please leave a comment below!
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