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The Alcázar

This image is for the Tourist Attractions challenge.

Late, but I was told my pic still qualifies, so don't hesitate to vote! :)

"El heróico e impoluto alcázar de la muy noble ciudad de Aurora" (Or "The Aurora Alcázar" for short) is a former fortress/palace built in the sixteenth century by Simspanish conquerors on the city of Aurora, it's located at the top of a gentle hill on a site once occupied by a Simztec shrine. Today the building functions as the Regional History Museum, indeed the three surrounding gardens lay bare a testimony of the passage of time. The east garden shows what's left of the Simztec shrine, it's remains unearthed in 1925; the north garden, unchanged since 1867 was designed following Simeuropean (?) style, popular on the simmerican (this is getting a bit silly :lol:) continent at the time; lastly, the west garden features a meteorological observatory built in 1906. The Alcázar is part of a major urban park and it's one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city of Aurora.

Phew! built it from scratch, took me over a week to make it look decent and there's still room for improvement, but anyway, I hope you enjoy this image and it's brief history!.

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