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  • Similar Content

    • By Hamish
      Apple Store Fifth Avenue
      (Fully Mac Compatible)
      (Maxis Night and DarkNite)

      This is Apple's Flagship store on 5th Ave in Manhattan, New York. This model is the current look of the building, as it was renovated in late 2011 to reduce the number of glass panels. Through the glass box you can see the spiral stair case, the glass and aluminium elevator and of course, the famous illuminated apple logo.
      This is a standalone lot, and can be placed anywhere in your city. It could be used as a lone park, a buildings forecourt, or where ever you see fit.
      This lot also includes the ponds, a green row of trees, and the seats and tables that occupy the outside space. All of these have been rendered in HD to show the all the details that were included in the model.

      Its a 4x2 lot, which comes in either Maxis Night or Dark Nite, chose which one you want as you download. The lots base textures fit better with the medium wealth sidewalk textures, but the buildings purpose fits better in high wealth, so there is an option to also download a medium wealth lot if you want the sidewalk textures to match the lot textures.
      It provides 335 jobs in either CS$$$ or CS$$ (if you choose) and produces none to low amounts of pollution. Its a functional landmark, so you will find it in the landmarks listings.
      Its also Fully Mac Compatible, which means all nightlighting will work on macs as well as on PC.

      There are none, everything is custom made.

      I have plans to release more apple stores, as it is a section that is missing in the STEX. Until then,
      Hope you enjoy Apple's Flagship Store 
    • By NurelFayed
      Hola everyone. This is Sudirman Plaza mod for Cities XL/XXL. It is created based on the real building in Sudirman, Jakarta.

      Menu location: Office/T4/MSCUSTOM
      Triangles: Lod 1: 5900 | Lod 2: 5200 | Lod 3: 1800 | Lod 4: 60
      Base Size: 103x36 sorry for this
    • By OwiHH
      I realised that @ night the dayskybox textures looks realy bad because it is to bright.
      Is there a way change skyboxes for day night ? Pretty decent i think .. may there is a way.. ill check modtools but probably someone allready did!?
    • By Mutant Tortoise
      I have modeled a building with lots of windows and I was wondering which texture map I use to get reflections.
      I want the windows to reflect completely without transparency.
      Could you also mention the suffix e.g (_d)
      Apologies in advance if there is another thread on this.
      (I pretty sure there isn't)
      Thank you for your help.
    • By miguelkuk
      I have taken a very long hiatus from BATting and focused mainly on playing the game whenever I had some free time. There came a point when I needed a couple of corner buildings that would fit nicely at the intersection of avenues, which looked good at night too. So I went back to BATting for the first time in years, and just managed to finish these tonight.
      There are two twin buildings (not identical though ), and their respective bases. I chose to make the pavements separately from the buildings in case any of you decide to use them on corners with different shapes. The lots are landmarks and will appear on the Landmark Menu. I hope you enjoy these
      Lot size: 4x4 (plus corner overhang)
      Plop cost: §180,000
      Bulldoze cost: §8,500
      Monthly cost: §250
      Air pollution: 18 over 5 tiles
      Water pollution: 18 over 6 tiles
      Garbage pollution: 18 over 1 tile
      Radiation pollution: 0 over 0 tiles
      Flammability: 45
      Power consumed: 125 Mw/month
      Water consumed: 1.250 L/month
      Landmark effect: +70 over 50 tiles
      Park effect: +25 over 40 tiles
      No dependencies!
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