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A Fine Day Out

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Sally and Gustav give each other the runaround...

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    • By Joe_Winko_From_YouTube
      I hope this makes sense, but say you have a bunch of cities in a huge region connected, do the sims ever travel between them? like if a sim in one city needs a job, and the city next to it has plenty of industrial and commercial zoning, will the sim be able to drive over there to work? 
      I always see cars in the cities going in and out of the city. does it really work that way? 
      and also, why else would sims travel out of the cities? 
    • By Divinyls Fan
      Has anyone ever put the game on speed one and watched some things close-up? These are a couple of things I've seen and think are hilarious.
      When the Mayor's house gets plonked down, a huge crowd of sims from nowhere gather round and cheer at it, including the wheelchair guy and the gangster in the white beanie The flasher (zooming in on the spot the crime data says is a flasher) - you see the back of him in his brown coat, opening it up and waving it around. What else?
    • By 958517907
      Thanks namspopof made these beautiful props,I tried to do some people MMP.
      There are 48 different people, organized in 3 groups that You can find in the Flora section of the Mayor Menu.

      There are three dats in the Zip.
      DT_Nams people MMP v1(8people)
      DT_Nams people MMP v2(20people)
      DT_Nams people MMP v3(20people)

      Plop cost:0


      Nams Props pack vol 01

      Nams Props Pack Vol 2

      Enjoy it!
    • By Dark Light
      I don't usually make topics or comments, but I was suggested. So here it is...
      Yesterday, I bought SimCity. The New SimCity. I've played SimCity Games in the past. The first one I played was SNES version of SimCity. Then i went on to SimCity Creator. Then bought the SimCity Box. I got to play SimCity 4 and SimCity Societies. I even made my own paper version of SimCity. Mostly I had good experiences on all. I liked all of them. Then at E3 2011, I heard EA was making a new SimCity. I was excited to see another Game. My Grandma was afraid that it wouldn't run good on her pc. But I got it and it ran PERFECTLY. I had really no problem with it. Though Origin it said that I needed atleast 12 GB of HD space. I downloaded roughly 275mb. I was surprised. BUT then came updating. I had to restart the process at least 3 times. Then opened the game. 
      I was surprised. I just didn't need a tutorial... that took a long time for me to get out of a tutorial. I enjoyed designing. the thing that turned me off from the beginning was online. But I saw the vision EA wanted it. I think when I knew why, I enjoyed it but I wish that there would be separate modes like "Online Play" and "Single Play." I made a town. I liked upgrading. It took me several moments how buildings upgrade, how to roads upgrade roads. That should of been more easier. In the past, I'm so used to having a low-wealth, med-wealth, and high-wealth zones. I guess i'll miss that. Then I created 2 new towns in my private region. I'm doing well. I wish that transferring Electricity, water, and Garbage were easier. Overall, my first experience were a 6/10. It could of been better. The game is good. I just wish that it'll get an awesome expansion pack like SC4's RushHour. The expansion with Cities of the Future has no interest with me. I'm not a futuristic person. I like modern things. 
    • By francot514
      Hi to all of you, im new in forums and returned to play Sim City 4 this days after years becuase i missed it and discovered this community. I want to share you mi idea:
      Sim City 4  Cooperative World.
      The main pourpose of creating a cooperative world is have all users share and view all others users creation in real time when playing, of course this will be done ussing a visual application i can easily development, you will not need any other program or cloud storage.
      Also the wolrd can have their custom made plugins for all users, that will be downladed with the launcher of course, and each user can own their city and see others players ones, but only will allowed to upload their resources, becuase will be an acount system for that.
      -City synchonization.
      -Auto updater for plugins.
      -Account settings for uploadings.
      What do you say, likes the idea???
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