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Ancient Civilizations (S3-14-M)

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Build a city scene from a previous era
Season 3 - Challenge #14 - Monthly (44 days)

Over time, there have been many prominent civilizations. From the Greeks to the Romans and everything in between, each period has been unique. Not only changing society, but leaving behind defining buildings, monuments and structures.

In its former glory, we'd like you to create and showcase a scene from an ancient civilization, all those years ago.

You may base your image(s) on any past civilization, and the goal should be to match the authenticity of this bygone era. What were the traditions and ways of life? It doesn't have to be a perfect recreation either visually or geographically, but try to capture the mood and atmosphere during this time.

Realism and detail always helps, but a big part is to visually produce an image that is overall unique and interesting.

The winners were the top 3 ranked images, with the final rank determined by the ranking system.

In this  Monthly  challenge, rep prizes were given for the top 5 placed entries, along with points for the "Overall" and "Monthly & Custom Content" leaderboards.


See this thread for more info


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