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Thrilling Traffic (S3-09-W)

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ST Challenges
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ST Challenges

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The Rush Hour is close at hand, cars crawl in search of homes, to terrorise y'awl's mayoralty
Season 3 - Challenge #09 - Weekly (12 days)

Traffic falls across the city
The Rush Hour is close at hand
Cars crawl in search of homes
to terrorise y'awl's mayoralty
And Whosoever shall be left
without a train for leaving down town
must stand and face the traffic from hell
and rot inside a cars shell.
The foulest pollution is in the air
the funk of forty thousand cars
and gas guzzling cars from every where
are closing in to clog your roads
and though you fight to reduce the traffic
your body starts to shiver
for no mere mayor can resist
the evil of the traffic.


For this challenge, show off the traffic in your city! The worse the traffic the better the image! Any type of scene can be used, so long as there is lots of traffic on your roads.

The winner was the top ranked image after the voting period, with the final rank determined by the ranking system.

For this  Weekly  challenge, rep prizes were given for the top 3 placed entries, along with points for the "Overall" and "Weekly & Extended" leaderboards.


See this thread for more info


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