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Health, Education not working

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System Specs:

SC4 Deluxe

1.7 GHz Athlon

768 mb RAM

16 MB video card (yeah, I know. *#&@^! laptop)

Windows XP Pro, SP 2

768 mb virtual memory

OK, now on to the problem. I put in sufficient education and health amenities in my city but the health level, education level and life expectancy does not increase. This is true with both custom buildings and the Maxis default ones.

My guess as to the cause is that my SC4 install is corrupted. I'd like a second opinion before I reinstall.


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I have the same problem. I recently saw the city experiment on Grid Cities. I was surprised to see the number of hospitals and schools the frdofyahweh (spelling?) used to keep everything in the green. It looked like we might need to triple cover to get the desired effect. Any ideas from the vets would be helpful.

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Both health and education are not instantaneous no matter how many hospitals and schools you install. I don't know the algorithm for health, but the one for education is obvious:

It takes just as many Sim-years to get an education as in the real world. You can expect to run your game for a minimum of 16 years before you get your first R

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I know that, but I was getting my advisors complaining about the lack of health and education, even though I had it from the beginning.

A possible related issue is that at the begining of a city, for medium density industrial, it seems all I get is the Maxis MPR Metals. I've checked, no mods that should affect industry are in my plugins.

See why I'm leaning towards corruption of my files?


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Yes. XP's file system is suspect at best. You could be getting corrupted. Do a save on your regions and plugins, then a reinstall. Proper reinstall steps are:

  1. Save plugins and regions (preferable to a CD-RW)
  2. Uninstall SC4 entirely, deleting any leftover directories, etc.
  3. Defragment your hard drives
  4. Install SC4 and if your RH is separate
  5. Install RH
  6. Apply update 1 from the home site
  7. If you BAT, install the BAT patch from the BAT page
  8. restore your regions and plugins

Good luck, and let us know how you make out.

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