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Smoothness of terrain..

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Hi, i'm really hoping that someone will come up with a mod for terrain because the default one is really unsmoothe (if you know what i mean).

Really, i did have one but i deleted it. If anyone can help me, it would be deeply appreciated. You may post your own thoughts about this topic right here.9.gif

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I've made one myself, cause i've been bored by the erosion applied to maps that looks great in greyscale but got bumpy in game.

The main problem with the mod i've made is that some of the god terraforming tools do not work properly but it's minor.

The other thing I've changed is the sea level it's now at 64 ( out of 255 in greyscale ). I've changed a lot of things in the terrain parameters exemplar in ordrer to get no smoothing, even some that I don't see why I have to changed them.

PM me if you want the file or more infos

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