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Modifying a lot I downloaded from here.

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Hi,  I'm fairly new here, so I am sorry if I have this in the wrong catagory.  I downloaded "Black Hole Waste Management Company" from this site.  I have been using it for a while and it works exactly as it is supposed to.  The only thing is that it has made garbage management kind of boring.  Is it possible for me to modify the lot into a reward of some type?  Like lets say some sort of level of education, population or other scientific/education reward be required to allow the sims in a city be able to "discover" this lot. Ideally a combination of the 3 would be what I'd prefer, but thats just me 4.gif

Also, from what I have read on the site here, it seems I should be able to change the cost of plopping this lot pretty easily. 

This lot is a 2x2, what If I wanted to include this lot in a new lot that I would create myself.  I recently downloaded the BAT and went through a tutorial from here to get the basics down.  Is it possible for me to make this lot larger, and add some stuff to it, such a a building, parking lot and perhaps a recylcing center, and then change it into a reward?

Thanks in advance.

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You can make a lot larger, but you do need to acknowledge and ask the author for permission to upload your updated version. But you cannot import a SC4MODEL file into BAT so you may have to make an adaptation.

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