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Hello,I'd like to ask you something

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Hello everybody in the simtropolis foruns...I am from Brazil,so if I write something odd it's because my english is not perfect,but I think you'll be able to understand well...

Well,I've been playing Sim City 4(and rush hour) for quite some time and some weeks ago I listened about BATS ,Mods,Lots,etc and I decided to get some...I installed them and everything was right,but I saw something strange:
You all probably know that you can give the name you want to all the things in the game, I always do that,but when I save the game and then go the region,when I come back to my city all the things that already came with the game were with the name I gave them,but the bats and lots were not,they were back with their original names...does someone knows a way to prevent this??Thank you!

(I don't know if were able to understand everything I wrote,but I hope so...)

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Hello. I did understand what you just said. I Don't have those problems. I've changed the names of the buildings from the STEX and no matter the time, averytime I come back, after finishing playing the game, they still have the same name. Stay around to see if somebody else can help you :-)

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