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Commute time calculation methods - regional play

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I've already posted this message at SimCityCentral, but there are not many answers....

So maybe someone here will know ;-)

I've been playing SC4 for quite a long time now and I've got one question that keeps wondering me....

Does anybody know how the game calculates commute time in regional play? I've read that it adds average c.t. from the destination city to the time calculated in current one. But why during my play I keep seeing situations like this:

I start to play new city - residential one. C.t. is around 10 minutes, but while my city grows it also grows - to avg. 120 minutes. Than I start to play city, that every sim from the first one drives to. I switch again to the new one and c.t. suddenly goes down to 20 minutes.

Second situation - I start to play another city. First I zone residential. C.t. goes to 120 minutes. I start zoning some farms. Although nobody works there yet (everybody is going to another cities), c.t. suddenly drops down to 5-10 minutes... Without a reason.

So I'm a little bit confused about how the game calculates it - without much changes I get very different times, which makes me irritated.

In above situations all the roads were in green and nothing was congested too much. I have the NAM installed with 10x speeds and 10x commute.

So if someone could explain to me how exactly the game deals with c.t. from start of a new city I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.[\Q]

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