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New York Buildings on the STEX

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Currently im searching for buildings from New York on the STEX, but if you search for you only get very few results.
And i want to have them ready when my pc problems are solved and i can play sc4 again.
I found the Metlife (Pan Am) and the Helmsley building by accident.
So i think there must be more New York buildings on the STEX but its hard to find them without knowing their name.
If someone knows more buildings please post it here.
Oh and by the way, i like to finish the UN building model from the STEX but cant find good pictures of it.

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The World Trade Center is also on the STEX in three forms: Landmark, reward, and construction placeholder for the reward. It was created by Rubik and the BSC.

By SimCity 4 Landmarks, he means the Landmarks section of the Cool Stuff Menu at simcity.com.


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