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City size, measurements, dimentions, etc.

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Ok guys, I have been playing SC4 pretty successfully for awhile now, but one thing I have never really focused on was city planning. That is something I am looking to do with my next region is to pre play the layout of all roads, rail, and highway. That said, can anyone give me the number of tiles wide and long each of the 3 city sizes are? I would count myself but I always lose count 46.gif.

Can anyone help?

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Hey! Welcome to Simtropolis! 1.gif

First of all the tiles in the game are 16x16m.

- A small map is 1x1km (actually 1024x1024m I would guess). That would make the small map 64x64 tiles.
- A medium map is 2x2km (or to be precise 2048x2048m). That's 128x128 tiles.
- A big map is 4x4km (4096x4096m) which is 256x256 tiles.

I haven't manually counted these numbers but they should be valid.

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