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Dale Kent

Welcome to Blakesland!

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Blakesland, a pristine area to the west of the mainland. Totally undeveloped bar the township of Skye in the south-west of the area. Blakesland is a heavily forested region, the junction of a number of major rivers causing large esturies to be formed. The land is reasonably flat, with high plateaus on the edges of the region.


Skye is a small outpost supplying fertilizer made from bird droppings off the beaches in the area. Skye's only link to the mainland is via the car ferry that comes once every two days. Current population of Skye: 918.

Skye township upon my landing

Skye industry upon my landing

I have been appointed administrator of the area. As the last remaining undeveloped land in the nation, Blakesland has been ear-marked for improving. My rule begins in Skye.

Within a year I have transformed Skye. The township has doubled in size, and the industrial output has more than doubled. New methods have been brought in to process fertilizer resulting in other chemicals to be made.

Skye township one year into my administratorship

Skye industry one year into my administratorship

But one major problem exists. The location of Skye is perfect for the processing of fertilizer. But as a base for expansion it fails dismally as the harbor is too shallow for the large ships to bring in needed supplies and heavy equipment. A road is built to the north-east of Skye to Skye Heads where a good harbor can be built.

- Region is Megatropolis
- I've lightly forested the entire region but will increse forest density as I start each square (to save time)
- Playing NAM mod plus other STEX downloads

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