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I am just wondering if someone can recommend a good SC4 startup manager program. I have been loading up a ton of really cool bats etc. I have found here, but am noticing some serious slow downs in the game. I have also played around with the different traffic files in the NAM that I can't even tell which .dat file I am running anymore. Thanks for the assistance.

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well I'm not a fan of the start up manager myself...I don't use it...find myself that it cause issues in the game, this is a personel opoin though...some here speak quite highly of it too
start up manager can be found on the home page in the centre...just scroll down
what i do is catigorize my buildings into file folders and only play certain cities and/or regions with certain buildingsin my plugins folder and swap the building in and out of my plugins,keeping the ones I'm not using in a temp folder outside the game... only putting in the buildings i'm currently using...use the mayor name to identify which  of the building I use in the city...takes a bit of work a a decent filing system... but not having a wack load of buildings in your plugins that your not using  helps speed up the game a lot
the more buildings you have in the game...the longer the lag in the game...specs of computer and game setting and size of the city your are playing will affect it also
as for the NAM...I have a special file where I keep all my current NAM setting and only my NAM stuff ( file called zzzzzNAM)....keeps the seperated from the rest of the plugins and makes it easy to find them and check the setting I'm currently using or switch them up easily if i want too

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