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Upload Pictures Problem

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Hi Everyone,

I searched all the forums and couldnt find an answer to this one so I was wondering if I could get some help.  A while back, I did a tutorial for the GHSDP about how to manipulate a sign.  I go back today and the pictures that were part of the tutorial, all of them, were different.  Pictures of other people's CJ's and pictures of statues and what not.  So, I deleted the pictures and went to upload them.  They looked fine in MS paint and when I go to upload them again, I choose the correct file but the picture I get is different.  Ive tried several times to no avail.  Any ideas?
Generic Highway Sign Development Project

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This happens once in awhile and it is probably a little bugproblem, not easily fixed or even to find.

Here is what you should do (Well everyone should do), give your pics an unique name/number that you're almost sure no one has the same. The problem is that too many pictures bearing the same name or number (or a combination of both) are uploaded and that is where the system has a problem with.
By renaming your pics and reuploading them  this will surely be fixed.
good luck

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Hmmm, I believe that the reason why you upload and get different pictures is because others are probably uploading images of the same name as yours. (I hope my assumption is correct 41.gif). So the pictures they've uploaded overwrites your uploaded pictures. That's why when you flip throught those old forum and find that Hey, the pictures don't really match the words, because the previous image is overwritten by the new image of the SAME name.

I suggest that you can try out http://www.imageshack.us . This is because you can host your pictures totally free over there and they add 3 random characters at the end of your image name to avoid overwriting (although the possibility do exist 31.gif). For example, whn you upload simtropolis.jpg, they covert the file name to simtropolis5&a.jpg. Anyway, it is recommended to name your pictures as long as possible (preferably below 31 characters as MAC users might have some problem - that's what photoshop CS says). For example, instead of naming your photos generichighwaysign1.jpg or highwaysign1.jpg, you can name then artforce1ghsdp20061.jpg. ghsdp means generic highway sign development project, 2006 the year, and 1 is the nubmer of photos. So the next picture you can name it artforce1ghsdp20062.jpg and so on.

This'll give your photos a very unique name (+ the 3 random characters imageshack gives you), and avoids it to get overwritten by other images uploaded. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me to clarify anything if you are lost 9.gif

Cheers for you, your photos and the awesome geneic highway sign development project! 44.gif

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