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      Please help us for July   06/30/2017

      This month we're hoping for a little bit of a boost this month or next, in addition to covering the regular bills, we could benefit from some hardware upgrades. STEX Collector's Set gifts can now be sent to you via digital download as well as regular mail if you wish! Every donation dollar goes toward keeping Simtropolis online and humming along. Your contribution counts! Hardware Upgrades As our website community software improves with more and more features, and as we bolt on additional features such as chat, the increased load to handle all these new toys is taking the server a bit to task. You may have noticed that we'd been forced to temporarily disable the chat as we worked out allocating resources for more optimal performance. Following this, we've applied a number of 'soft' changes such as caching options and experimented with server configurations (nginx as proxy, for example), so the hardware aspect is also an area we'd like to focus on. The last time we upgraded hardware was back in 2012, prior to the release of SC13. Your contribution means a lot! Your donation will go toward helping us to 1.) migrate to a newer server or 2.) at least get some ram/cpu/storage updates and any other infrastructure hardware or services. Donate and Get a Gift or Donate Any Amount Thanks so much! - Dirktator & The Admins

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    • By CorinaMarie
      Just in case someone would want these for a CJ or whatever, I've extracted the .BMP image files from the .IXF files using the BMPext32 program. It only works on plain 3000 and not unlimited. Here's samples:

      I had to use the .7z compression to make it fit as an attachment.
    • By CorinaMarie
      This is one of the extra real city terrains @catty-cb has maintained on her site and now has kindly passed over to us here at Simtropolis for hosting. Inside the zip is the Twin_Cities--MN.sct file.  Place it in your C:\GOG Games\SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Cities\Terrains folder. When starting the game select the Real City Terrain option and then chose it from the selection menu.
      Note: For me it just comes up as all water. It's supposed to look like that second picture. If anyone has an idea how to fix this please let me know.
      You will notice this file is not my creation and credit for keeping it alive goes to catty. This STEX entry will stay under my name tho since I'm in charge of the new SimCity 3000 Sub-Forum and I'll be the one to reply to comments or questions.
    • By Silur
      Simtropolis = where to keep images ? I had a FROG, now PHOTOBUCKET there is a box in Simtroplis. But there is no single Bank. We see that all the work turns to dust. There are normal thoughts?
      I tried to work with OneDrive by Microsoft - but it only gives a link to my jpg. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
    • By thale5
      I have taken screenshots of all standard buildings in the game, including DLCs, and made them available here. You are also given the option to load the content to your own computer for better performance.
      The buildings are identified by their in-game name. So, you can refer to a building like I have done here: L1 4x4 Detached02.
      Hope someone finds this useful.
    • By RandyE
      A True Thrilling Traffic Story:
      There are no plugins in either folder.  Can anybody tell me why there are no sims on the street going to work in the commercial and industrial zones?  When I connected the residential area to the region the trucks rolled across Sim St., but still nobody went to work and neither did they move out. 
      So who exactly is working in the commercial and industrial zones and driving those trucks?
      My God, they must be invisible zombies!
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