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Escape and creation. Something I used to do a lot when I was a kid, and I refuse to stop it even after 32 years of life, is creating my own states and escape from the misery of our reality. States where the past, the present and the future co-exist. Where "realism" and "being normal" are just jokes and not the rules. With solutions instead of problems, and adventures instead of stagnation. Great thing can happen, even in a state smaller than a room.
















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Oooooh, I had that Micro Machines city-van and city-toolbox when I was a kid!! I think they're both still somewhere at my parent's place... They gave me the toolbox as a present when I was still a bit too little and didn't really know how to play with it, the gas station, the diner, or the street lamps were gone after the first years. I cared much better of the city-van, that I got when I was like 8 years old, and looks just like yours.

Also, spotted many of the Micro Machines I had. For some reason, my grandma liked them a bit too, and carried one in her purse (I think she still does) as a kind of reminder of her grandson (me).

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The city-building "urge" goes a long way back to childhood for me too.  You'd probably enjoy a tour of a school of architecture as I did.  The labs are full of models of practical applications, somewhat similar to your display.

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Oh, this post makes me so happy.  I had a lot of that, too, I fondly remember the toolbox playset.  Unfortunately, none of them survived my childhood...  But a lot of my Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and Legos did!

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Upgrades, updates, new ideas and designs, new challenges and solutions *:golly:


















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I remember when I was about 6, maybe 7 I did something like this! it was after I got my first glimpse at SC4 at a cousin's house and of course my folks wanted to see me finish the 4th grade (I'm assuming the equivalent is Year 5?) before I could gain my copy. I used a lot of crude Lego towers, hot wheels and one of those wooden rail sets from Brio. I even made way for a model ship that I poorly painted and reglued some broken masts on!

The little kid in me wishes he could visit you for old time's sake! The 3D puzzles are a nice touch! Looking back, I would have offered to bring over my 'other' Tomy trainset to chip in an efficient rail system!

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