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The Asset Editor got some improvements!

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I'm really happy that the Asset Editor got some improvements. Most importantly, it seems to be much more stable now! I can do things now without crashing that would have crashed me 100% of the time previously. I can even use the Asset Editor without unsubbing to my 1000+ assets and 30+ mods. Previously, this was unthinkable. It's still sluggish, but it's actually use-able. In -noWorkshop mode, I can do "New Asset" after importing an asset without crashing, which I could never do previously.


We also have some new options in the building stats window, particularly a dropdown list of monument templates (and one called "always unlocked" that doesn't have silly requirements) instead of the binary "use monument template" button that we had previously.


And ofc now we can mod citizens. I'm really looking forward to some new folk to populate my world. Is anybody working on any new cims yet?


Are there more changes that I haven't noticed?

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They fixed the bug when model is not shown in Asset Importer Window. Well they say so, haven't tried myself yet.

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Bulldozer has a switch for underdground. Once you click it, you switch to underground view. 

It's awesome. 

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I was so happy when I noticed these improvements yesterday! Shoud make the end part of the asset creation process so much more comfortable! Also citizen modding sounds interesting, but I won't look into it just yet.

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Yay! Very happy to hear this and can't wait to try it out myself. :) Lately I've had crashes with 3 mods and 5 buildings on, which made it a pain to do anything! :P I still have a bunch more wishes for the asset creator (which I should prob write down), but more stability is always great :D

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Quite opposite as many of you wrote, my Asset Editor never crashed at all with -noWorkshop. Even though I use some mods in my local folder (like Daylight Classic, Modtools, FPS Camera, etc.)

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Old Asset Editor Syndrome 

Medically proven neuro-motor illness. 


Caused by the old asset editor which crashes to desktop because of pre-installed mods and excessive number of assets. Modder has to click "Quit to desktop" in order re-use the Asset Editor. 


Modder clicks "Quit to desktop", unintentionally, due to the bad neuron receptors between motor muscles and neurons.

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Yeah I know right? I'm trying to remember to change my attitude from:

"This will never work, just QTD to be safe and restart"


"Hey thie MIGHT work, maybe I should just try it?"

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I also noticed the improvements and stability. But now I'm getting a problem where the road to show how your building is oriented isn't showing up. It might be because my model footprint is too big, but I'm not certain. Anyone else experiencing this?


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      I don't think it is a model problem, otherwise it wouldn't show up even in the Asset Editor... Does anyone have an idea? Thanks!
      EDIT: I had this issue originally with a quite complex model, but it happens even with the simple model which I attach as fbx.
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