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Chelsea - a progressive development - Update 3: Chetana - down by the river

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I've been lurking about the forums for a good long while since my last journal (which, unfortunately, is not to be resurrected) - and trying out a few different approaches to the game before settling on a style/gameplay that hopefully will be sustainable in between real life. I think Delvedene failed because it was far too ambitious - finding all the perfect mods and assets, along with the micro-management of things like farms and stuff got in the way of enjoying the game.

So, I'm playing one of the vanilla maps, unlocking everything (including all 25 areas - I was hoping to use Area Enabler, but that's broken since the last DLC, so I had to spend most of my money buying all the areas - on the other hand, having a reasonably limited amount of money helps me to prevent just wallpapering the map with cityscape :) ), and removing all the highways and railway.

What I like about the vanilla maps is that they offer wide grassland areas surrounded by woods, which offer a natural limit to town growth. Contours are also a good guide (anyone know how to get the game to keep contours on display when laying down road?) What I don't like about the vanilla maps is the prebuilt highway network. I also don't like the rate at which you unlock new areas with population growth: you end up being forced into super dense small towns.



The town of Chelsea currently stretches along one main road (which will go on to connect to another town by the river later - below the image), with three other roads: the first, leading into Stepano (right of the image) - the industrial estate where most of the Chelsea residents work; another leading to the Cockerell farms (top left); and the third heading off to where yet another town is planned (to the left).

In the background you can see Mt Chelsea.


Chelsea again, from a different angle (Stepano to the bottom). You can see a thin belt of trees separating Chelsea from another grassland area where the next town is planned (mid-left). In the background is Mt Runcorn, where an old fortification sits (put there by the map designers, but just outside the 25 tile limit).


And a closeup of the Chelsea Cemetary, surrounded by some parklands (open space is going to be a big deal in these towns - I am desperately trying to avoid wall-to-wall buildings).



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Update 2: Runcorn

(as an aside - I've been trying to find a mod that can remove the industrial smog - I've found the purple remover, but would also like to be able to get rid of those mucky brown bits)

The valley plain below the site of the old Ft Runcorn was a perfect site for a town - especially as it sat between the established farm estates of Cockerell and a newly discovered lode of minerals. So Runcorn was built.

Here we see the new town, along with the Victorix mine and power station at the top of the image (Cockerell towards the bottom and Chelsea is just peeking in on the left).


Edcuation seems to be important to the miners, so not only was Runcorn built with an elementary school, but a high school, too. This saved the new residents from having to pack up their kids every semester to the boarding school along the coast. Runcorn's development council are also just as keen to promote green space as Chelsea.


Both Chelsea and Runcorn need feeding, and the Cockerell estates have expanded to meet the demand:


While Runcorn is slowly being establish, the Chelsea development council have also been encouraging growth, as can be seen in the satellite view below. New housing along the Cockerell road, and starting to fill in between the main roads. The Stepano industrial estate has also doubled in size:


Finally, a photo from a couple of keen hillwalkers - the first is from Ft Runcorn and the second from Mt Chelsea (if you look in the satellite view above, you can see Ft Runcorn to the top left and Mt Chelsea is in the top right).



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Update 3: Chetana - down by the river

The Chelsea river is still quite swift and cuts deep right before it opens into the estuary - and a small community has decided to build above the river. Chetana:



It's sure looks pretty to fly over at night:



Another satellite shot - there's been a bit more growth in Chelsea, and the Victorix mines have expanded between Runcorn and Chetana. There's also a new industrial estate just next to Runcorn:



I decided to have a walk up Mt Chelsea and watch the sunset:




I'm starting to get some complaints about traffic noise - surprisingly, while there's only one main road into the area right through Chelsea, and the traffic map is showing a lot of red, there's no traffic jams (yet):


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