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How much social, cultural, and economic capital do you have?

What's your socio-economic class   9 members have voted

  1. 1. How much cultural capital do you have?

    • Little-to-no
    • Some, mostly basic/low brow
    • Moderate, mostly basic/low brow
    • Moderate, mostly high brow
    • A lot, and I enjoy high brow entertainment
  2. 2. How much social capital do you have?

    • I don't socialize much in the real world
    • I socialize in the real world mostly with people similar to me
    • I socialize in the real world with a mixture of people
    • I socialize a lot and have a big social network of people I know in real life

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Take this quiz to find out!


This link has links to the rest of the relevant articles. The BBC made a huge survey in 2013 (I know old, news) to determine social class and found that there are 7 in the UK: Elite, Established Middle Class (upper-middle class with high cultural and social engagement), Technical Middle Class (upper-middle-class but neither culturally nor socially engaged), New Affluent Workers (middle class with high social and cultural capital), Emergent Social Workers (working class wealth with high social capital and high basic cultural capital), Traditional Working Class (low social capital and cultural capital), Precariat (impoverished).


I'm currently an Emergent Social Worker but will soon enough be a New Affluent Worker.

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I took it and got traditional working class, even if my cultural capital doesn't match the prototype much closely.

And while I'm on a decidedly working class household, I'm also very sure that the income and property values should be adjusted for the differences between countries (not like I would move away from the lowest level of income on the poll, in any case)

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I found that it placed class strictly in terms of money regardless of cultural or social activity or values.  I tried it both ways, being broke, but having what are considered high social and cultural activities/values, and being rich, but having what are considered the lower in social and cultural activities/values.   In both samples only money determined the result.

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It's not incoherent, because material conditions are effectively the most determinant factor. What it does is to differentiate between varieties of low and middle classes, or to reflex the disarticulation of the subaltern class.

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When I took the test with my income in the 2nd bracket, I was considered an Emergent Social Worker, when I moved the income bracket to be more in line with the job I should have 1 year out of college, I was considered a New Affluent Worker.

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Interesting, though I agree with Matias that it's harder to extrapolate for parts of the world that are not the US-UK-Western Europe.

I entered the values for my own (somewhat) independent life, taking into account the aide I recieve from my family (income below 10k, no property and no savings): I got emergent service worker. It parallels somewhat accurately, though l suspect teachers in the UK are waaay better off than teachers here in Mexico. With a career in the humanities and most of my social and cultural capital being located here in the city, where housing prices are unaffordable for more than half of the country, I don't think I'll be owning property and moving up the ladder anytime soon...


@matias93 If you are interested, I saw a similar quiz on an independent news outlet from Mexico, though this one only takes income into account to compare it with wealth distribution and purchasing power statitics (as of 2015). It still isn't 100% accurate to extrapolate, but according to this article (see chart no. 2), as of 2015 Mexico and Chile had similar (similarly shameful, that is) levels of unequalty, plus I figure living costs in Mexico City (or Distrito Federal, as it was called back then) and Santiago de Chile are similar, though I could be wrong on that.


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Yup, it produces a very consistent result (hint: in this case, it takes the per capita income, not the familiar income), and got a very stimulant reminder: my personal income is similar to what a rich person would spend on a pair of sunglasses (~170 USD). In any case, one in four residents of Mexico City (or the sorrounding State of Mexico) earns less than I, which is also very similar to the situation here in Santiago.

With all, we are clearly privileged in respect to the people that cannot even afford the resources to get universitary education (even more on the selective universities Edvarz and I are), and even if this won't necessarily cause a higher wage, it still creates social networks that can be the difference between being underemployed and outhrighly unemployed.

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I'm a uni student, I have basically zero money. That's probably the main factor in that.

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Well everyone, I got "elite". Probably because of my publicist and journalist backgrounds - I must mingle and network in artistic circles, on a regular basis. I work 60 to 70 hours a week and own three homes, if that helps put it in perspective.

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