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Facebook Sign In Borked

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Hi this is Ghosty20 I am having to write this post on a new account via Google, as it seems that trying to sign in via Facebook is completely broken keeps telling me something went wrong and not sure why..

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Same problem here, but I logged in just using the username and password. Doesn't look like a big problem, so I think it's going to be back soon :)

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Thanks for the report.

External services are known to occasionally drop out or throw errors. As far as I'm aware, there's been no recent site updates or on-site changes to the logins.

Can anyone confirm this is still an issue 3 days later?  And if so, are there any specific error codes?

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Not sure if its related, I use facebook logins on my site and while I don't use JFBConnect software the company did put out a blog  about how a Facebook change is causing login problems for users


I made the recommended changes in my facebook developer account and I assuming as the last few people to login over at CB used facebook logins to do so, that it solved the problem.


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It is still broken, the error I get when I try to use FB to login I get the following error " Something went wrong. Please try again. " So not sure what to do other than to use my Google+ login for now, just have to catch up on my post count.. :D

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Thanks for that info. It sounds very promising as the likely culprit. If Facebook have upgraded their systems, it makes sense how the old method may no longer function. Especially given how backwards compatibility tends to be a low priority nowadays (mainly for security reasons).

Since social logins are a core feature in the the ST software, it's likely IPS (the devs) are aware of this and already working on a fix. Or if not, we'll be sure to notify them of this.


18 hours ago, Bloggo said:

So not sure what to do other than to use my Google+ login for now, just have to catch up on my post count..

This isn't a solution, however:

If you'd like, it's possible to merge your previous account with this current one. Doing so would transfer all the posts & rep, reassigning them to your new profile.

Bear in mind this process is irreversible, and @ghosty20 would be deleted. Though it may be possible to change @Bloggo to use that display name. The only visible difference would then be the registration date and the user ID number.

Rest assured, we will explore a fix to the Facebook issue, but just wanted to throw this out there as an option. *;)

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