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[SOLVED] Forcing a growable building to spawn - help?

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I'm having some problems with finding my asset in game. I made a second building for the 'modern low-rise living' set. It's a level 5 high residential who fits on a 4x2 grid. But somehow it just refuses to grow anywhere. Both buildings from the set are/will be published with RICO settings added, but to test it out myself I manually added them in RICO too, The first building (which is already published) show up just fine, the new second building however refuses to show up in the RICO tab, and yes I did reboot the map and even game several times.


So then I tried to make my own mini building theme with only a few buildings in it so mine will spawn more often, because of the 4x2 size it's pretty hard to force it, there are no low level buildings in that size so I make 4x3 zoning spots to let it grow (trying to avoid the 4x4 library). But when I'm in the Building Theme Manager I can't even find my own buildings, like the assets are disabled in the game.


But then I look them up in The Mesh Info and they are showing up just fine...


So can anyone please tell me why it's not showing up? What am I missing here? o_O

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Any chance it could be saved as a corner building? (wouldn't explain why Building Themes can't find it, though)
At times I've wrestled with the same issue with Workshop assets as well (before Find It! made live so much easier for us), and it took me ages to figure out the building I wanted to spawn wouldn't grow on a normal plot.

Also keep in mind that - as far as I know - RICO settings prevail over asset settings when it comes to wealth level and building type, so if you have a L3 HR building RICO-fied as L5 HR, it will grow as an L5 building. Similarly, a commercial growable RICO-ized as industrial building will only grow as an industrial building.

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No that can't be the case, I took my own asset as starter template to match the colors and floors so it should show up the same. And both are level 5 originally and that's what I was trying to achieve in RICO too, I didn't change the level.

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Just use findit, makes live a lot easier. If you have trouble of them showing up ingame. Could be you get a failed to load. I have that for several buildings, but I'm unable to determain why that error happens.

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I have Findit, but that does not work on growable buildings, and even then I don't own that much assets that I'm drowning in them, It's just not in the right tab in Rico. And I do not get any error messages when loading my game either.

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