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Extra Cheats SimDate format

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I cannot get the SimDate cheat to work, no matter how I type it in, the date does not change. I tried putting in today's actual date after starting a new city, but it remained 2000.

I tried typing it in as "04/18/2017" "<04/18/2017>" and  "April 18, 2017"


Perhaps I am not formatting the date after the cheat properly.


How do I type in the date after the SimDate cheat?

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Hi there,

It requires spaces to separate months, days and the year:

Try the following syntax:



SimDate 04 18 2017

Note: The way it works, the day after the one entered is used. So remember to input the previous day to set the one desired.

All these commands are very particular, and the parameters only work in the format they expect. There is no validation or leeway on the user's part, and it's also not always clear what format they require (they were originally intended as dev tools, hence the lack of documentation). Many of these have just been found by the community through trial and error. This also explains why some still have unknown functionality to this day.

Hope this helps. *:)

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Here's prolly the most thorough explanation extant:

On 7/26/2011 at 5:55 PM, CaptCity said:

You can use the cheat SimDate [Value] - changes the in-game date to the value you entered. However, the earliest date that can be entered is SimDate 12 31 1999 (Dec 31, 1999). This will change the date to 1/1/00 on the game calendar. The game will post the day after the one entered. Also, anything entered before that date will produce garbage for the year.


For other dates... The year needs to be greater than 1999 and the difference from 2000 will appear on the game calendar. For example entering 2100 for the year will give 100 for the game year.


The max date is 12 31 11999. That will give a game date of 1/1/10000. The year 10000 seems to be the highest the game will display because after that it rolls back to 01.


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