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NAM TSCT Setup Question: Can't open to edit on Mac

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Hi All,

New Mac SC4 player here (and somewhat new Mac user in general).

I just downloaded and installed SC4 from Steam and also successfully installed NAM mod. I'm wanting to make a "road diet" city where people rarely choose to drive, but I can't seem to open TSCT to edit it.

After installing NAM, I see 2 desktop links that are labeled for TSCT, but I can't open either of them. When I click on the files (one file is "Transportation Simulation Configuration Tool.lnk" and the other is ""Transportation Simulation Configuration Tool.desktop") it says it doesn't know how to open those. I can post a pic later if requested. I'm guessing I'm missing a pre-req of some sort, though I did just update Java on the Mac. 

Any thoughts? I know it's silly but I've been searching for hours and can't find any answer. I've also looked through my files to try to find a "TSCT.bat" or .jar, but can't seem to find anything.

Thank you in advance for any help! :ohyes:

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The lnk file is simply a shortcut, but it's a Windows thing, so real unlikely it'll work on a Mac. Although all it does is link to TSCT.BAT, which itself simply runs TSCT.jar from a command line.

Do a search on your machine to find the installed location of TSCT.jar, you should then be able to open it directly using Java. This was all designed to be multi-platform stuff, it's just a little less intuitive on non-Windows systems.


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Thank you, rsc204 for your response!

OK, so I located the file, but it appears to be wrapped in the wineskin that I downloaded...  does that it mean it didn't install correctly? I clicked the .jar from there and it opened and showed me the settings page, but said it couldn't find the NAM folder and wanted me to point it to it. If I do so, am I doing this right? Seems weird to run the thing from the installer. Here's a pic of the file in the wineskin thing:



Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 9.12.10 PM.png

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I can't see a problem with running the application from the installer, since it's simply a front end that reads your existing controller file and modifies it. It doesn't really matter where it's run from, it should work, but it's probably looking for the NAM files in the wrong location. Perhaps because there is no registry entries?, but you should check the NAM is installed/working before proceeding if you haven't already. Then simply pointing it to the relevant folder should be sufficient to read the current settings/modify them.

Perhaps this is a quirk of the Mac install process, which is literally the Windows installer made so that it will get the mod onto your Mac. Semi-recent changes in Mac OS, coupled with the fact that nobody left on the team is really using a Mac (although a few of us have access to one), have made native Mac support problematic.

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Thanks again! I appreciate the contextual info about developers and Mac OS, too.

I'll try pointing to the installed folder, which does seem to be installed and working correctly (NAM addons + SC4 native complexity = quite the learning curve). 

Just out of curiosity, once I do make changes in TSCT, is there an "easy" way to see that they're saved / working in-game?

Edit to add: Adding 2 pics showing my setup / folder usage to see if it might look right:


Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 12.49.28 PM.png



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2 hours ago, adventurerneil said:

Just out of curiosity, once I do make changes in TSCT, is there an "easy" way to see that they're saved / working in-game?

A very easy change you can make in the TSCT is to toggle the "Use new Zones View". It's in your first pic in the lower right of the TSCT window. Check and uncheck that and going into a game between tests. Load a a city tile in mayor mode which has trees. With that option checked in TSCT you will still see trees in the New Zones view. Exit, toggle it off and test again. It should be back to default Maxis Zones View and you will not see trees in that view in the game. Also, if you have drawn a subway you will or won't see those in Zone View depending on which options you've selected. Disclaimer: Last time I tested was NAM 35. I'm guessing they haven't changed the show-the-trees-part in the new release.

Additionally toggling this on and off will create or remove a file somewhere in your Plugins called NetworkAddonMod_Zone_Data_View.dat.

My idea here is if this one particular test causes the expected changes then likely all things from the TSCT will be working as well.

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That's one solution that will visually show you in game something has changed.

But another way is simply to check the date of the Traffic Plugin, since the file is modified when saving. Actually all this shouldn't be necessary, since if for some reason the application can't update the NAM files, you'll see an error message. So it's pretty safe to assume if no errors are encountered that the alterations have been made. Similarly, having altered the files, if you re-open the TSCT tool and load the current settings, it should also reflect the changes you made previously.

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Thank you CorinaMarie and rsc204! 

Loving my SC4 experience some 13-14 years after initial release - which is rather unbelievable in the software world! :D

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