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Are there any games where you can be an totalitarian dictator? And Controlling everything and everyone?  Yes i know Tropico is such an game, but you are only an dictator of a small Island, not really a powerful ruler. Are there any games besides the tropico series where you can be an cruel dictator? Any games where you can rule over more than just a tiny Island as a dictator?

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You have already created the thread Games like Tropico asking this same thing. There is no need to create a new topic for the same inquiry. If you want, you can edit the title of your other thread if that is the reason you created this one in order to have a different topic title.

Thread closed. -Cori (Moderator)

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      The largest known city built without cheating, Setegria houses 6,015,141 sims.
      The design of the city features several minor improvements over the design of previous large cities. The number of subway stations has been reduced to 377, from 400 in Magnasanti. The number of police stations has been reduced to 53, from 55. Connections to other cities now occupy the same tiles as RCI buildings, saving another 33 tiles.
      This comes at the expense of some stability. Some residential buildings along the northeast and southeast edges are too far from nearby industry, and will eventually become abandoned. Changing the building style may cause the city jails to become overcrowded. Two extra jails should be built beforehand.
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      Intropia gave us the opportunity to try out some of the most radical design themes and styles that we could not have thought previously, had we not built the city together: endless streams of parks, trees, lakes, roads, including a vast dynamic network of strange shapes, places, patterns, spaces, and intense magnitudes of gentrification, all arranged in such a way that it gives the observer the impression that he or she was in a reality that was out of this world.
      One can simply fall in love with the quantified abundance of harmony and natural equilibrium that exists so expressively in this city.
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