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Still subscribed to workshop items that I got rid of

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So I've decided to get rid of all of my mods and assets by removing them from the folder they are stored in.When I start the game there is no detected custom mods and assets in game but when I go to my workshop items,it says I'm still subbed to them.Is there anyway to remove them from my subscribed items list.

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You tried to "unsubscribe" by deleting the files from the SteamApps folder?

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12 hours ago, boformer said:

You tried to "unsubscribe" by deleting the files from the SteamApps folder?

Yeah i didn't feel like unsubbing one by one.

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Unfortunately, that's your only option if you want to get rid of them.

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Not that new. :P I think it was there since before ND. But it's in a place where we prob don't go unless to find this button. ;) 

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10 hours ago, Avanya said:

There's an "unsubscribe all" button in the game.


Great!I forgot there was one in this game

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