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      March goal: We're almost there!   03/20/2017

      Hi Community! We're almost there for our March goals!  I just wanted to keep the momentum going so if you are able to help, please donate and get some gifts in exchange! Thanks so much to those who have helped out this month, we really appreciate it.

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i want to donate money to you guys,for your great work here at simtropolis, but i can not because paypal is not responding.Why dont you guys make an open pay system for credit cards,then we do not need this hassle. 

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Try contacting the webmaster (dirktator@simtropolis.com). I can't reproduce the issue, but he may be able to help you out!

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Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in supporting the site, and welcome to the community. *:)

Yes, I'd recommend to contact @Dirktator our webmaster, who handles the donations. Usually the best way is via PM, but also the email @Haljackey specified above would do the job if that's your preferred method of contact. Any questions/issues with PayPal or to explore an alternative payment method, I'm sure Dirk will be able to help you out.

One reason why ST doesn't use an internal commerce system is because the site doesn't yet support HTTPS (secure connections). Currently, this means payment details wouldn't be encrypted here once submitted. So therefore, since PayPal is an independent service, it allows transactions to be processed using their systems, which use appropriate security measures.

However, suggestions are always welcome, and other options can definitely be explored in future.


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      Methods to donate to Simtropolis.  We will accept any currency, via any of the following methods:   #1 (Preferred) PayPal Just click the donate button  here and it will take you to where you need to go.   #2 Mail In Donations We will accept mailed in donations, money orders and cheques are ideal.  If you must send cash, be sure to enclose it inside a greeting card.  You know the risks with sending cash, so the choice is up to you.    You can mail your donations.  The address has changed, so please email stexcd@simtropolis.com and inquire.
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