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Light sources do not render during night time

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Images are more obvious. I seem to be having this bug during night time. The light sources all disappear completely, including that around the mouse; before that, the screen shows a cyan haze. The HUD itself is absolutely fine, buildings are still targetable, FPS remain high enough, the city continues to function. If I wait for day time, or reset the time to noon, it all comes back to normal.

I suspect this may be a mod causing this issue, has anybody else come across this? I do use a custom theme for this map (the Saint Martin one), could that be the culprit?

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Sounds like a graphics mod, perhaps adaptive prop visibility thingamagic? I've not encountered this so far, but there's been a couple of mod that updated recently and they've not been working like Theme Mixer. Presumably they're going to be updated. As far as I know  most of the graphics mods are not updated nor working, even if they seem to be updated. I don't know if this also applies to the LOD distance render view as well.

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