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The war on ISIS and Jihadists

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So I decided to start this topic to post updates on the war against ISIS. While ISIS has terrorist cells in many Muslim countries around the world: Afghanistan, Libya, Indonesia, etc... It's territory is spread over Syria and Iraq. Most of this territory is desert  but in that desert there are many oil wells and gas extraction facilities. ISIS are still selling oil to fund their war efforts and Caliphate, but now they are being pummelled on that front.

ISIS is a quasi-government inside a quasi-country. It imposes an extremely strict Sharia law based on the extremes of the Wahhabi ideology. Non-believers must convert to Islam or be either exiled or killed, anyone being homosexual or suspected of homosexuality is executed- no questions asked. Rape and massacres are common-place, Christians are hunted, killed or chased out of their homes.

ISIS fight with mercenaries, jihadis who come from around the world, suicide bombers, ATGMs (Anti-tank Guided Missile), VBIED (Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices), tanks, mortars, mines, hell-cannons and jeeps/humvees fitted out with machine guns, AA-guns and other turrets.

Various Jihadi groups (known as Jihadists) such as Al-Nursa and Al-Qaeda sometimes coordinate with ISIS, but it should be noted that ISIS are not the only extremist Jihadi/Islamic faction in Syria and Iraq.

This fight against ISIS and the Jihadists is really a Muslim world war, it could be said to have started during the Arab Spring in 2011. Since then many millions of people have been displaced from their homes, probably million are dead already.

ISIS are losing the fight and the best comparison would be Germany 1944- losing ground on all fronts. I think in a year or two the ISIS caliphate will be no more.


Anyway here are some videos- R&U Videos is a youtube channel which keeps a track of the various fighting in Syria and Iraq. Please note anything in the spoilers is where viewer discretion is advised.

1. The Iraqi assault on Western Mosul.



2. Jihadists on the offensive.




3. Jihadist boobie traps and IEDs left behind in East Aleppo.


4. Syrian ghost towns.


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Taking away ISIS territory isn't going to be the end of ISIS. They were a terrorist cell operating in Iraq long before they were a quasi state, reverting to their old practices is going to be relatively easy for them. Especially if the ground troops pacifying the areas they used to control are seen by the local population as aggressors, invaders and oppressors. 

So no, comparisons between ISIS and Nazi Germany at any stage completely miss the mark. 

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