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Thanks CB and rsc204 for reflecting the strong positives of this community, and the good character of this site.  I just wanted to add my appreciation for the people either/and/or interested in the Cities Skylines, XL, and SC 2013/SC3K.   The virtual world of ST is somewhat like the real world in that each of the City Builder programs covered here are very unique and independent environments.    I have used all the programs and enjoyed the qualities of each of them.   If I could have, ideally, the 20K file would be a package with something like the Quantum Dish, one file for each of the games with some positive expression toward all social civilization.  These games seem to be essentially all about building a better world, so let it come true that we do for all of us.


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On 31.1.2017 at 1:40 AM, Cyclone Boom said:

This huge library has transcended the game to levels beyond people's wildest expectations, players and developers alike.

Hard to describe what the STEX is - in a summary.

You can browse through the STEX to find something to download for your game. But I strongly recommend to take the occasion and take one afternoon and wander through the STEX like you would wander through a history museum. Not thinking of 'dowloading' - not watching the stuff with 'consumer eyes', but to read what people had in mind to bat or lot - why they did what they did or simply to look for all the creativity, the folly, the symbolism - as all what the constructiveness of mankind could do (and maybe beyond) can be found on the STEX ... as for example:

Santa Clauses Sleight

The bomb (a solution for all problems?)

Smiley Island

Ploppable Cow Pats

A RTFM Repository

Questionable Monuments

Monuments to think about

Pristine Culture

Fictional Culture

Things that are out of order

And of course also:


So all in all - the STEX is much more than a download section. It's like a second planet or a moon you can land on and investigate. 

Just my five cents.


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As my file here is more so on the side of what Fantozzi mentions above with some links to interesting files that reflect a social and personal expression, it seems important to also mention that the Simtropolis Exchange is a publicly shared repository or library of a variety of artistic and technical works by individuals or working collaboratively in developing useful files for the various City-Builder games covered here.  The STEX reflects quite a variety of artistic and technical skill as well as social or personal expression and on many levels.

I think the file below is a good example of a file that is inclusive of the college level of art, science, technical and social skill represented on this site and in the STEX, as well as representing the traditions and histories of exchange through libraries of information, data, and cultural expression going back thousands of years. We've come a long way, from great stone masterpieces of the ancient world to the scientific engineered tools of the modern world.   So that concludes my Quantum 'Dish' ertation ( dissertation ).   


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This is a great occasion, and I think that number really shows how much of a community effort it is, and how much total work, by everyone, has been put into making things to share with each other. 

Just for comparison, I currently have 99 releases. That's only about 0.05%. And someone might say, "but your files are really good, so it's not a good comparison!". But right now I have about 1,035,500 downloads (I just went through and counted :P ), which is a lot! But the overall STEX has about 111 million, so my contribution is still less than one percent. 

So I hope that puts into perspective what everyone has accomplished together. :) 

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A bit late to the party but no matter.

Congratulations! I hadn't even discovered SC4 when this site was already bustling. I feel glad to have contributed to this landmark, even if it is with only three files. Jasoncw's post really shows the titanic nature of this community effort: 14 years; 20,000 files; thanks to all of us and thanks to Simtropolis. This community is definitely something to be proud of.

Here's to adding ever more content for who knows how many years to come!

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12 hours ago, Edvarz said:

I feel glad to have contributed to this landmark, even if it is with only three files.

Pfff .... we weren't here in the first years. We are the later ones. Our job is to go for the next 10.000 :D

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Wow, what an amazing milestone! Congrats @RandyE on uploading file 20,000! And a huge thank you for all of the creators who have, at one point or another, uploaded a file to the STEX! Your contributions have created the greatest place to download SC4 custom content :thumb:

I can't wait for the next 20,000 as I'm sure there are many more amazing creations to come! :8)

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