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Introduction and Guide to Simtropolis

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Introduction to Simtropolis


Image created by @Cyclone Boom using:  Simtropolis Sign by Ceafus 88, and MYOS Make Your Own Sign by jbizzle.


Hiya! We're so glad you dropped in to see us. :)

Simtropolis is primarily a site for people who love City Building games. We have major forums for SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines, and SimCity (2013) as well as a few others in the gamer topics. Our members are friendly, courteous, and helpful and range in skill levels from beginners to technical gurus.  The forums are where we discuss all manner of city building ideas. Whether you are a player or a custom content creator (or both) we have places ideally suited for your needs. If you haven't signed up yet to be a member, how about dropping by our New Member Registration Page?

We also have the SimTropolis EXchange which is our files section containing (literally) thousands of files to improve on the basic games. These include bug fixes, maps, textures to change the terrain-related aspects, lots, buildings, props, game altering mods, and more. These are available for download by members and guests alike. (However, members are not presented with any ads.)

Now, of course, we do have some easy to abide by rules you'll want to read in the Site Guidelines and for custom content creators and users in the STEX Code of Conduct. Be sure to check those out because they apply in full force to everyone here whether you read them or not. ;)

Ok. Have you registered yet?


I'll wait.



Great! Now that you are a member you can Introduce Yourself Here.

And here's how I've laid out the rest of this introductory thread:

You can click those links above or just scroll down as each one is in its own separate post in this thread.

Also, if you have any issue come up which you feel is best discussed in private, feel free to send a Private Message to one of our Staff Members. Tip: Look over on the right side of that page to see which of us has been most recently active. That doesn't guarantee we didn't just log off 2 seconds after you view the list, but it does increase the odds you'll get a quicker reply. Do keep in mind even if we are online we cannot always respond immediately as we may be working on another important issue.

I hope you find this site as enjoyable as I do.


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Basics of Using the Forum Software


Creating A New Topic 

In every forum there is a nice, big button called Start New Topic. Simply click that to begin.



That will bring up the post editor:


^ The important parts of the above are:

  1. Title - This is what will be shown in the list of threads in that forum. Make the title something descriptive with regard to the content you are creating. Avoid titles such as "Help!" or "Hey" and the like.
  2. Tags - These are used by the search function. You must enter a minimum of two tags. Make them relevant to the post content.
  3. Message Box - This is where you type the actual content of your post.
  4. Notify me of replies - If this does not show in green with the check mark as in the above picture, click it to enable replies notification. (More about notifications in a moment.)
  5. Submit Topic - After you have completed all of the above click this button to finalize the topic creation. It will then show as a thread in the forum's list.


Selective Quoting 

When replying to one or more posts in a topic you may want to quote only part of the message. Use your mouse to highlight the part you want to quote. A Quote this bubble will then appear. Click that.



I then personally type an x and hit the enter key as a place holder. Continue highlighting and quoting the lines you plan to reply to.


Once you have everything you want quoted then delete the placeholder x and type what you wish to say.


Bountiful Bunch of Buttons 

Most of the buttons in the editor are self explanatory. You can mouse over them and a description will pop up.


Some of the more mysterious buttons are described below.


The Link Button


First off, let's say we are going to provide a link to something we want the reader to click. We can copy the URL and paste it right into the post. If it is a link to something on Simtropolis, it will convert itself into a preview style box. So instead of it looking like this:


It will show up like this:

However, let's say we don't like either of those options and would like a word or phrase to show up as a clickable link. We could type something like the following and highlight the word we want to be the link.

Dear reader, check out my map tutorial here. Then we click the Link button.

And it pops up a window like this:


^ Notice the word "here" is automatically placed in the Link text field. Had we highlighted several words they would all show there.

We click in the URL field box and paste the URL into it. Now it looks like this.


Then click the Insert into post button. Our text now shows with the word "here" clickable.

Dear reader, check out my map tutorial here.


Linking to a Specific Post

Sometimes we want to draw attention to one particular post within a thread here on Simtropolis. How do we get that URL? Find the Posted date or time link located in the upper left of the post. With a sophisticated browser (such as Firefox) you can then right-click and select Copy Link Location. That will put the URL for that post into your clipboard. Then you can paste it into your post directly or via the Link box.


So then I could write: Yum created a map in this post. Or I could simply paste the URL and let the editor change it to a preview like this:

Ok, so what if your browser doesn't offer any option to copy the link location by right-clicking it? Simply click that Posted date or time link. Your browser will refresh with the link you need in its URL address bar. Then you can copy it from there.


Linking to Something Offsite

Sometimes you'll want to link to something which is not on Simtropolis. (Wait! There are other sites?) Those only have two options for displaying the link. It's either like this:


Or by using the Link box to make it look like this:

Clip2Pic (v1.0) by wouanagaine


The Emoticons Button


(Borrowed from @Cyclone Boom's post here.)

With emoticons, there are a few others (50 in total), which can be expanded in the menu:


Just click "Simtropolis" as highlighted to reveal the full family. ;)

It'd be interesting to know if anyone's ever memorised all of the shortcut access codes:

:) ;) :D :thumb: :golly: :8) :P
:lol: :yes: :ohyes: :party: :idea: :read: :???:
:rofl: :kitty: :} :] ^_^ :no: :ooh:
0:) :ducky: :bunny: :wub: :blush: :* :ninja:
:whatevs: :uhm: :meh: o.O :lost: :nyah: :(
>.< :noway: :yawn: :zzz: :sly: :cry: :O
:boggle: :drool: :dead: >:( :hmph: :angry: :rage:

(If you paste all that into a post, bingo!)



The Spoiler Button


This option has a couple of uses. Let's say you are requesting help for tweaking your SimCity 4 files so it will recognize your video card (GPU) and one of our gurus (such as @rsc204) requests that you post your auto-config log. Well, that thing is quite lengthy and there's no need for making everyone have to scroll and scroll (and scroll) to get past it to continue reading the thread. So, click the Spoiler button and paste your text inside of it. Then it will look like this in the completed post.


Log generated on 8/21/2016, 08:48

hardwareDriver = true
DXT = true
fullscreen = true
MMX = true
FPU = true
backingStore = true
forcedFSAA = false

userName = Administrator
appName = SimCity 4
version = 1.1.640.0
osVersion = Windows NT 5.1
computerName = CORI-2015-01-18
CPU = GenuineIntel
sglDriverName = DirectX
sglDriverVersion = 2.0
driverName = nv4_disp.dll
driverVersion =, GUID: D7B71E3E-4052-11CF-D277-23B10EC2CD35
cardName = NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 (Microsoft Corporation)
cardVersion = Vendor: 10de, Device: 0312, Board: 91231462, Chipset: 00a1
cardIdentity = NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 (Microsoft Corporation)
soundDriverName = smwdm.sys
soundCardName = SoundMAX Digital Audio
buildType = Release

cpuSpeed = 2793
memory = 2048
freeMemory = 1724
screenWidth = 1024
screenHeight = 768
screenBPP = 16
videoMemory = 125
textureMemory = 125
textureStages = 8
bogoFPS = 0
bogoMPPS = 0

applying Sound
applying high sound detail
applying City Detail and Day/Night Settings
applying City Detail and Day/Night Settings>
applying high computer power
  option 9 = 3
  option 13 = 1
  option 15 = 3
applying Texture Quality and Building Variety Settings
applying Texture Quality and Building Variety Settings>
applying high memory
  option 3 = 3
  option 14 = 3
applying Variable Speed Automata
applying default
  option 10 = 1
applying Standard hardware
  option 0 = 1
  option 1 = 1
  option 2 = 1
  option 4 = 0
  option 5 = 1
  option 8 = 1
  option 7 = 1
  option 6 = 1
  option 11 = 0
  option 12 = 0
applying Standard hardware>
  option 1 = 2
applying Standard hardware>>
  option 0 = 2
applying Standard hardware>>>
  option 2 = 2
applying Standard hardware>>>>
  option 4 = 1
applying Standard hardware>>>>>
  option 11 = 1
applying Two stages
applying Lotsa vidmem
applying Not Slow GeForce
applying Fast card
applying Fast card>
  option 12 = 1
applying Fast card>>
  option 1 = 3
applying Fast card>>>
  option 0 = 3
applying Fast card>>>>
  option 2 = 3
applying Fast card>>>>>
  option 4 = 1

Visual Effects       current:   3 recommended:   3
Cars/Sims            current:   3 recommended:   3
Shadows              current:   1 recommended:   3
Atmospheric effects  current:   0 recommended:   1
Water effects        current:   1 recommended:   1
Software/Hardware    current:   1 recommended:   1
Cursor               current:   1 recommended:   1
VariableSpeedAutomata current:   1 recommended:   1
Translucent UI       current:   1 recommended:   1
Graphic Detail       current:   3 recommended:   3
Building Load Speed  current:   3 recommended:   3
Texture Quality      current:   3 recommended:   3

forcesoftwaredriver = false
renderdynamicview = true
renderstaticview = true
renderwatereffects = true
rendercloudsandfog = true
forcepointsampling = false
forcebilinear = false
forcenoalphablend = false
forcenoalphatest = false
rendershadows = true
renderdecals = true
usesecondstage = true
forcedebugtexture = false
renderparticleeffects = true
renderflorashadows = true
renderterrain = true
showupdateregions = false
usecursoreffects = true
drawlottextures = true
drawlotfoundations = true
drawlotwalls = true
forcetexturerepeat = false
usescreenshake = true
renderui = true
useupdaterectclipping = true
usevertexbuffers = true
showboundingboxes = false
useoverlayculling = true
rendersnapshot = false
noaddsigned = false
nopartialbackingstorecopies = false
usescreenflash = true
renderautomata = true
preferopaque = false
displayalertborders = true
drawlotopaquetextures = true
useviewcleanup = false
doautozoomandrotationchanges = true

viewoffsety = 0
viewoffsetx = 0
texturebits = 32
lodoffset = 0
shadowdebug = 0
maxparticlestarget = 10000
particlelodoffset = 0
effectprioritylevel = 5
backingstoremaxzoomall = 5
backingstoremaxzoombuildingsprops = 5
backingstoremaxzoomterrain = 5
backingstoremaxzoomflora = 5
shadowquality = 2
minvehiclezoom = 3
minpedzoom = 4
cursortype = 1
depthoffset = 2
debugtexture = 0
dirtyrectmergeframes = 2
sounddetail = 2
buildingvariety = 2
buildingloaderspeed = 1
modellodoffset = 0
stringtexturecachesize = 1024

particleeffectslod = 5
splattexturescale = 50
texbindmaxfree = 8
particledensity = 1
particledamping = 0
particlescale = 1
lightingupdatedelta = 0.0001
shadowmodelthreshold = 12
demolishmodelthreshold = 12
rendermodelthreshold = 6
rendermodelthresholdscroll = 40
particlesizethreshold = 300
maxvehiclepct = 1
maxpedpct = 1
opaqueuialphavalue = 0.55

Another use for the spoiler is in general conversation. It could go like this.

Have you seen that new murder mystery movie?


The butler did it!


Another way to use the spoiler is to first type or paste your text, highlight it, then click the spoiler button. The end result is the same. Of note: The spoiler does not reduce page load times. The entire page is rendered first, then the spoiler mask is placed over the content to be hidden.


The Code Button


This one is handy for when you prefer that the post editor software leaves your text alone. Let's say I'm explaining how to post a picture and I want to show what the direct URL for it looks like. If I paste it right into my post it's going to resolve itself into an image. Sure, I can click the popup to say remove formatting, but then it's a clickable link. By using the Code box I can show it like this:


Or let's say I want to show some actual programming code so I do this:


But it adds colors I really didn't want like this:


Notice the HTML thinger in the lower right of the code box? That's a drop down menu. Click it and select No Syntax Highlighting.


And now it shows like this:

Set ExactMoment=%date:~-4%%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%_%HH%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%


The Preview Button


This offers different views to show how a post would appear on different devices, which is quite neat.
See this article for more info.


On Getting Beeped - aka Notifications Settings

To set up your notification preferences you can go to the drop down of your user name. That pops up this window and you click the Account Settings linky.



On the window which pops up next look over on the right side to find the Other Settings. Click on Notification Settings.


These are the settings I find most relevant:

  • Automatically follow new content I post
  • Automatically follow content I reply to
  • Play a sound when I receive a notification

That window looks like this:


And you'll also notice I have removed the tick (check mark) from the Show popup window when I receive a new personal message because that is simply annoying. You will still get a regular notification when you receive a new message.

Now, scroll down from there and you will see a long Notifications List. Most are self explanatory, but I want to point out the Someone mentions me in a post. It looks like this:


That is for when you use the @ mention feature. To use it in a post you type the @ symbol and then start typing someone's display name. Once you see it in the list, click it to embed the mention.


And then it will look like this: @CorinaMarie and if that person has Mention Notification enabled, they will get beeped.


More Ways to get Beeped

Let's say you are reading a topic and would like to be notified of replies, but you are not going to make a post in that thread. (Oh, and btw, Topic and Thread are used interchangeably with regard to content in forums. They refer to the exact same thing. I have no idea why a thread is a topic. To me thread is something I use to sew on a button or to hem my skirt. But, anyhow, back to writing this guide...)


Following a Topic

At the top right side of a topic there is a Follow button.


Click that to pop up your options.


Then click the Follow button in the popup.


Following a Forum

This is the same procedure as for following a topic with the exception you click the Follow button when viewing the forums list instead of a particular topic. When you follow a forum that will send you a notification when a new topic is posted.


Something Fun

Let's say we are discussing something or other and would like to have an image be a clickable linky like this:



First I posted the linky to my picture and waited for it to resolve itself into an image. Then I double clicked it while in the editor and pasted the linky of where I wanted it to link to. Like this:



Final Words

All of the above tips should be sufficient to help you get going here on Simtropolis. Feel free to ask about anything not covered by creating a thread here in the New Members Information forum or over in the Simtropolis Related forum.


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        For both years, how many nominations per user?
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      So this means for both 2015 & 2016 combined, you could nominate someone up to 6 times.
        Who can I nominate?
      Any Simtropolis user (member or staff) can be nominated for any award. The processing will determine whether a given user is eligible.
        How many custom "Ad Hoc" awards may I nominate?
      As many as you'd like!
      Feel free to be creative with the title & description if a default award isn't suitable for what you have in mind.
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      The Prologue
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      Community Discussion
      I can hardly remember what was for breakfast, let alone the memorable items some 700 days ago! So when trying to remember what happened in 2015 my mind goes blank. That's why we are hosting a way which everyone can discuss uploads, CJs, forum posts or just members in general who have shared amazing creations from the past two years. The principle behind this not to form a consensus on who or what is deserving of a Trixie. But instead, a place to discuss content we have admired over this time frame, or items which we think might be overlooked when thinking back on all the amazing creations from the past two years.
      Use the link below to discuss content from the past two years.
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      We can't promise all ideas will be selected, but whatever they are, we'd love to hear them. 
      Changes to Nominations
      For these Trixies we are changing how to nominate members, and how many times a member can be nominated. Since the site upgrade of 2015, the old nominations system was made incompatible. So this year, things are going to be slightly different. We will expand on these changes closer to the nominations opening, but a summary of the major changes are listed below:
      Forum Nominations
      Previously nominations would be submitted via a dedicated page with a category selector and a plain text description box.
      But this time, nominations will be submitted in a special forum which will open at the start of the nominations. This forum behaves differently than others, in that no one else except the Admins are able to view your submissions!
      So post without hesitation in that forum knowing that your nominations will remain incognito. A major benefit of this method is that you are able to edit any of your posts throughout the submissions period. So as you keep remembering people to nominate, you can continue editing or adding new nominations until the closure date. While in previous Trixies you could continue submitting new nominations, this method means you see all of the nominations you have made, so it's easy to remember what/who you have or haven't nominated yet. An simple and straightforward way to stay on top of everything. So say goodbye to spreadsheets!
      Once the categories are finalised, we'll provide a full list so that you don't miss any awards to choose from. Of course, you may also create custom awards which aren't included in the default set.
      It may seem weird at first, but everything will stay private, we promise. 
      Rule Changes
      This year we are making a slight change to how many times you can nominate a member. Traditionally you could only nominate any given member for one award. But this time, this rule is being expanded. It used to be that someone would only create amazing buildings, or only write beautiful CJs. However, now we have members who cover lots of different parts of the site, for the previous Trixies it was increasingly difficult to nominate them for just one award.
      This year we are making the change to allow you to nominate a member for up to 3 different awards. We hope that you submit multiple nominations for a single member to awards in different sections of the Trixies, but we aren't making that a specific rule as there are awards in sections which relate to very different skill sets. Use this new ability wisely…  
      Cities: Skylines
      It's time to welcome the latest city-builder to our great Trixie Awards! This will be the first year C:S participates in our great ceremony.
      Just remember, the Trixies are a celebration of Simtropolis contributions, so only items here on the site are eligible to be nominated for an award. Understandably, there are thousands of Workshop items, so C:S content on the STEX is only a fraction of the overall selection. Considering this, Workshop items can be nominated, as long as they're created by an author who is a member here at Simtropolis.
      We can't wait to start sharing the love and celebrating what our community has to offer!
      Here's to another memorable Trixies, let the party begin!
    • By Cyclone Boom

      Our friends at GOG.com had a special City-Builder discount sale!  (Closed as of February 13, 2PM GMT) 

      As part of this, Simtropolis has been given a bunch of free keys to selected games to give away!
      Winners announced here!

      If you want one of these games, simply reply to this thread by answering ONE of the questions below:
      What's your favourite city-building game, and why will you always be fond of it? Write a creative and entertaining review (good or bad) of any city-building game. The ways in which custom content has transformed the city-building game you play. Tell us about your most memorable city-building experience, funny, tragic or otherwise.
      There is no minimum or maximum, but aim to write at least 50 words.

      Q: How are prize winners selected?
      A: The Admins will pick their favourite replies below, so don't delay, post away!
      Q: How many times can I reply?
      A: Just one reply per person please.
      Q: Can I add images or video to my post?
      A: Sure! Feel free to be creative to make your post stand out.
      Q: Does it have to be written in a certain style?
      A: No, not at all. Just aim to make it creative and entertaining, whether fact or fiction...
      Q: How long does this run for?
      A: The closing date to enter is Monday 13th February at 23:59 (EST).

      Winners will be able to select ONE of the following City-Building classics, to add to their personal collection:

      SimCity 2000 Special Edition

      Caesar II

      Pharaoh + Cleopatra

      SimCity 3000 Unlimited

      Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom


      Tropico 5

      Lethis - Path of Progress

      Urban Empire

      Whatever your experience with a City-Builder, we'd love to hear it.
    • By Tarkus
      The NAM Team has encountered quite a few tech support cases recently, with users who have recently gotten around to picking up the latest version, and subsequently finding that some transit item in their city has gone missing.  In every case, this has been the result of users heeding long-outdated advice from 5+ years ago, that suggested uninstalling the old version before installing the new one.  This, however, is no longer the case, and since the NAM 31.x series of releases in 2013, it has been the official advice of the team that users should NOT uninstall their previous NAM version while upgrading to a new version.
      The NAM installer was completely overhauled for the move to the "Monolithic" package that has been the norm since NAM 31.0 in March 2013 (thanks to z1), and it is a lot smarter than the NAM installers of yore.  Namely, just as it can read whether or not the game has been patched, it can locate a user's NAM installation, and is able to determine which options were installed.  With the old installation in place, the installer can then read the files, and will automatically select the same components that the user had previously for the new installation.  Additionally, many of the old issues with outdated controllers and the once-dreaded "red arrow bug" have been solved by the current package as well. 
      If one instead follows the outdated advice of uninstalling the old version, the old NAM installation is no longer there for the installer to reference, and it is then entirely on the user to ensure that they select the same options they were previously using.  With as many options as there are now in the NAM, that is no small task, and the possibility for installation error increases exponentially.
      If you happen to be concerned about outdated/conflicting files, there are mechanisms in the installer to handle this now, including running the built-in version of BSC Cleanitol.
      A few other related pieces of advice, to help streamline your NAM installation and upgrade experience:
      The Version Check and Switching from Disc to Digital 
      This one has come up a lot lately as well, and quite understandably so.  Microsoft has been doing everything in its power to try to eradicate the secdrv.sys driver file, which disc copies of SC4 require, including the infamous KB3086255 update for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1, and the complete omission of the driver in Windows 10.  As a by-product of this, many users have been switching over to digital copies of the game, from Steam, Amazon, GOG.com, Origin, GamersGate, and other sources.  The NAM requires the game's executable to be at least Version 1.1.638 (the version number of the disc copy with the EP1 Update 1 patch), and all of these digital copies are updated to Version 1.1.641, and do not need to be patched.  However, if a user happens to have an unpatched disc copy (Version 1.1.610 or 1.1.613) still installed after installing the digital copy (or has a $%&^! installed in the folder for the original disc copy), the Windows Registry will still point the installer toward the old SC4 installation, not the new digital copy, and the installer will fail.
      There are two ways to get around this.  Probably the cleanest in the long run would be to uninstall both the disc and digital copies, and then reinstall only the digital copy, at which point the Windows Registry will then point to the digital copy, and the NAM installer will be happy.  The one case where you might want to preserve the disc install is if you're planning on also installing the game's official Building Architect Tool, which, reportedly, at least some digital versions with DRM (i.e. Origin) apparently prevent.  In that case, the best solution would be to patch the disc copy, at which point the NAM installer and the BAT installer would see it as valid.  The disc copy may subsequently be removed once the BAT has installed.  For more on the BAT installation matter, see rsc204's post here.
      Edit as of February 2017 Regarding the Origin Version: There are confirmed reports of Origin retail customers being saddled once again with an unpatchable edition of Version 1.1.610, which will fail the version check, in addition to missing a number of stability fixes and improvements and BAT Nightlight support.  If you purchased SimCity 4 Deluxe from Origin at any point (users who have redeemed CD Keys are apparently exempt), check your version number.  Contact Origin (preferably in a visible, public place, like Twitter) if it is indeed the unpatchable edition.  The NAM Team is presently trying to get Origin to go back to distributing a properly-patched version of the game.
      DatPacking and the NAM
      Another piece of advice that is of the same vintage as that uninstallation advice, that the NAM should not be "DatPacked", using a tool like wouanagaine's SC4DatPacker, or memo's JDatPacker, because of its negative impact on NAM upgrade installations. 
      In the case of Mac users, however, the number-of-files limit present on the newer digital versions of the Aspyr port requires DatPacking (using JDatPacker, which is cross-platform) in order for the game to run properly with a larger NAM installation.  This limit on the Mac port is not impacted by the size of the files, but merely on their number--enough empty subfolders will trigger it.  With respect to the Windows version, the improvements to the installer prevent a DatPacked NAM installation from causing a "red arrow bug" in doing an upgrade (this was the main reason it was discouraged in the past), but because some users have exhibited a tendency to discard the pre-DatPacked files, leaving just the massive "Network Addon Mod.dat" file created by the DatPacker tool, the same issues caused by uninstalling occur, namely that the installer will not be able to discern the contents of the massive single .dat in the way that it could with the original file architecture, making installation error far more likely.
      Thus, for Mac users, DatPacking is recommended, but for Windows users DatPacking is still not recommended (unless you really know what you're doing).
      Keep the Installer Handy If You Change Your Mind on Features
      Particularly if you're on the fence on installing a feature, or if you're a new user who doesn't know what most of the options do yet, it can be to your benefit to keep the installer for the current version handy.  If you decide you want to change options, leave your existing installation in place, and run the installer again.  Just as with upgrades, the installer will be able to read your installation and the current set of options installed, which will help out immensely in determining which boxes to check and uncheck.  And again, as with upgrading, it is not at all recommended to uninstall before running the installer again, as this makes re-installation a far, far more daunting task.
      Hopefully, this proves to be a useful reference for those of you installing, re-installing, or upgrading your NAM version.  Happy NAMing!
    • By Cyclone Boom
      Index of Display Name Changes 

      Display name changes can sometimes create confusion, especially when the new name is completely unrelated to the old one.
      Since there have been a number of recent changes, I think it might be useful to have a resource where these can be documented.
      For general information about name changes, please see the FAQ in the following post.

      If you're aware of a change that isn't listed, or have recently changed your own, please post below and I'll add you to the table.

      The table below lists the known changes, along with the dates and original names. For those where the date is uncertain, a reasonable estimate has been made (based on their posts referring to the name -- e.g. quotes). For users who've changed their name more than once, the "Other Changes" column provides these details. The links open a document on Google Drive, where this info is presented.
      (89 total listed changes)   Current Name   Original Name     Last Changed Date        Other Changes?      __A   mystic_destiny Feb-27-2014 -   _Jazz   Yoshiisland Apr-18-2013 [1]   _Michael   michae95l Jul-18-2016 -   A Nonny Moose   N_O_Body c. 2007 -   §haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo   Sirron Kcuhc Jun-09-2013 -   Ace❤   10000000000000 Mar-11-2013 -   airman15   usfighter15 May-05-2013 -   Asser   Kaalakiota Apr-06-2014 -   AvidCSMapmaker   freakyshare32 Mar-11-2015 -   C4The_Architect   C4creeper May-01-2015 -   catty-cb   Catty@sc4d Jun-15-2013 -   Ceafus 88   Frex_Ceafus Feb-18-2013 -   Chris M   ЮàgÕÑÅÑÌMĖ Apr-12-2013 [1]   CoastRunner   nickie Jan-04-2013 -   Cockatoo   Cockatoo-210893 c. 2011 -   Craig-Abcvs   abcvs c. 2010 -   Dashafrash.   AndrewMar Jul-14-2014 -   Dirktator   dirk c. 2011 -   djrules5454   djrules5454_simtropolisedition    c. 2010 -   Durfsurn   durfsurn Jun-21-2013 -   Eʟᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ   elemented9 c. 2011 -   Empowered One   afstandopleren Sep-09-2013 -   Follarch   Archean Apr-13-2012 -   Forthwall   Mastof Dec-23-2012 -   FreezyPop   10goliath Sep-11-2013 -   Ganaram Inukshuk   Ganaram DI Jun-24-2012 -   Haljackey   haljackey Apr-28-2012 -   ized   pringlized May-20-2015 -   Jack³   jack3oh3 Jun-11-2013 -   JakeMD   swat-medic Apr-17-2012 -   Jeffmaster223   Animaniacs Nov-12-2013 -   JP Schriefer   Schriefer Oct-25-2014 -   k50   k50dude Jun-21-2012 -   KaZZ   testuser1234 Nov-18-2013 -   Kevin   Cheese89 c. 2010 -   Kifflom112   Zulu2065 Dec-20-2012 -   Kisa Atsuko   976 Mar-09-2014 -   LarksTonguesInAspic   manticorefan May-31-2013 -   Lyhoko Leaci   Leech10 Dec-08-2011 -   MandelSoft   mrtnrln Jun-21-2012 -   Mary Maurine Mayo   Lynks Aug-12-2013 [2]   Meg   SkiGeek c. 2009 -   Monster's Cat   MatthewB13 Oct-09-2014 [1]   Mr Saturn64   crazyllamasim Dec-24-2012 -   Nesral Sredna   Aakl Feb-07-2015 -   Nilo7   DCMetro34 May-13-2014 [1]   OcramsRzr   Ilikeseattle Jan-21-2016 [1]   OreoToast   Quaellen_Wins2 Oct-28-2014 -   Pasta-power   J-man-42 Feb-11-2013 -   reaps   reaper88 Dec-31-2012 -   Reddonquixote   reddonquixote Oct-19-2014 -   redhairtwiggy   BlondeTwiggy Mar-30-2014 -   RepublicMaster   wcraig Dec-24-2012 -   Sabretooth78   sargeantcm Jun-17-2014 -   Samness   samness7 Jul-18-2014 -   SAVAGExPHOENIX   daTSchikinhed Dec-10-2014 -   sc3kufan   Casselsucks Sep-25-2015 [1]   SC4B   sim city 4 builder Feb-11-2015 -   Sexysark:P   sarthakknight Nov-24-2014 -   Shadow Assassin   Shadow_Assassin c. 2011 -   simlink   sim_link Mar-03-2014 -   Skyler_Americano   Johnathan_Tycoon Jun-11-2015 -   Slashback   ImVhOzzi Jul-02-2013 -   SounderBruce   ComputerGuy890100 c. 2011 -   SpookyZalost   Leo_the_robot Apr-09-2013 -   Takingyouthere   take_me_there Jul-29-2016 [1]   Terring   terring Jun-04-2013 -   The Avatar   MamaLuigi945 Sep-06-2014 [1]   The Pennsylvania Turnpike      Mayorjacks Aug-25-2013 -   Thin White Duke   AmericanSwede11 May-23-2016 [2]   Titanicbuff   titanicbuff Jun-05-2013 -   Tonraq   111222333444 Jan-18-2014 -   Toothless Stitch   skyscraper241 Aug-01-2014 [1]   w_swietwoot   wasoethoudt Apr-28-2012 -   Wahrheit   Blue Lightning May-19-2015 -   Yarahi   yarahi Jun-26-2015 -  
      Username = Multiple changes.
      Username = Pre Simtropolis 7.0 change.
       Reminder:   Due to the site upgrade, remember that display names are now the same as usernames! 
      As Dirk explained here, this replaces the previous system, where your registration username was always used to login. If you've changed your display name, you should always login using the current one. This may explain if you're experiencing difficulty logging in.
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