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It's hard work being a one-man band, I am impressed that Anselm has persevered with this project for so long. I'm glad he's going to be releasing an alpha version in three months time.

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It is good to get some feedback here since I don't follow the reddit feed.  Thanks.

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I'm really happy for Anselm! (I prefer spell with z because it reminds me of AzemOcram but names are self-identity so I will spell properly)

I love seeing his progress and growth (CityBound and personal).

However, I want to clear up any confusion: I do NOT want to try Alpha 1 or 2. I want to start playing and modding at Alpha 3--when a more complex economy (what I presume his early version looked like with some additions (hopefully utilities and basic government/civic/emergency services) in the new environment) is implemented. I want to contribute to the first project to add logging, mining, drilling, quarrying, fishing, and growing/farming raw materials for industry (and their products).

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Good luck to all who choose Alpha tests.  Please remember that this carries considerable responsibility to report every frog and lump you fall across in some detail.  I am really not interested in test versions at all, but will consider a release candidate.

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