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      Please help us for June & July   06/20/2017

      This month we're hoping for a little bit of a boost this month or next, in addition to covering the regular bills, we'd love to be able to do some hardware upgrades. STEX Collector's Set gifts can now be sent to you via digital download as well as regular mail if you wish! Every donation dollar goes toward keeping Simtropolis online and humming along. Your contribution is so meaningful, every dollar counts! Hardware Upgrades We've received a recommendation to consider some hardware upgrades to our ageing server. As our website community software improves with more and more features, and as we bolt on additional features such as chat, the increased load to handle all these new toys is taking the server a bit to task. You may have noticed that we'd been forced to temporarily disable the chat as we worked out allocating resources for more optimal performance. Following this, we've applied a number of 'soft' changes such as caching options and experimented with server configurations (nginx as proxy, for example), so the hardware aspect is also an area we'd like to focus on. The last time we upgraded hardware was back in 2012, prior to the release of SC13. Your contribution means a lot! Your donation will go toward helping us to 1.) migrate to a newer server or 2.) at least get some ram/cpu/storage updates and any other infrastructure hardware or services. Donate and Get a Gift or Donate Any Amount Thanks so much! - Dirktator & The Admins
    • Dirktator

      Chat is back...   06/22/2017

      In order to conserve resources, we've disabled the global chatbar at the bottom of the site. Instead, the Chat can be accessed by clicking the top navigation tab. It will launch a new window. If you're not seeing this behavior, try clearing your browser's cache.

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    • By OcramsRzr
      Please give me feedback on my board game!
      This game has Chance, Charity, and Movement cards. Charity impacts money and ethics (doing the unethical thing is more profitable than the ethical thing but increases the punishment when arrested), Movement makes players advance to specific properties, change their movement, or give options to move specific distances without rolling (such as when you don't want to land on Super Tax, Arrest, or a heavily developed property).
      Ever since the first time I noticed the flaws in Monopoly City, I wanted to make a better board game. Now I'm in the final stages of redesign and play testing. My freshman-level computer science class has taught just enough to for a competent student in the class to design games in the C language and write logs to files telling what as done each turn. The computer program will have 1 represent $100 and calculate funds and asset values separately except when assets need to be sold to pay off debt; that way, I shouldn't run out of room with unsigned long integers. Using that computer program, I found that this game takes far fewer turns to win than Monopoly.
      I also playtested this game with friends and they enjoyed it much more than Monopoly and more than most other common board games.
      Pieces I designed for 3D Printing (should eventually be 2x2 cm on a high resolution printer, or injection mould) or digital board game

      I reorganized my board to be a bit more densely packed. Players travel roughly counterclockwise with some zigzags and the option to build bypasses in the form of the VIP Bridge and 2 shortcut alleys (the Movement spaces that touch).
      Game Board (final layout, simple graphics):

      Property Deeds:

      Rules in spoiler
    • By yevheniy8
      Ostriv is a city-building game, that puts you in a role of a governor of an 18th century town to challenge your creative skills and management abilities. Dive into the story mode and decide the fate of your country, or just build your cities for fun in sandbox mode.
      The game is now on Steam Greenlight

      Here's the first available gameplay video:
    • By Simteractive
      We're developing a new resort building/sim game called "Eden Isle: Resort Paradise" that lets players create their dream vacation resort. We'd love your feedback on the game. If anyone wants to play it you can sign up for our beta at www.EdenIsleGame.com. The beta is totally free and is available on iPhone and iPad.
      Here are some more details on the game along with a trailer:
      Design, build and manage your very own resort in Eden Isle: Resort Paradise!
      - Attract guest types such as treehuggers, hipsters, glampers and fashionistas by building the facilities they want in your resort
      - Keep your guests happy by tending to their needs and responding to any special requests
      - Manage your bars, restaurants and shops well to earn as much money as possible
      - Decorate your resort to customise it and earn bonuses from nearby accommodation and activities
      - Keep your resort running smoothly by ensuring your activities are in good working order, your staff are well-trained, your resort is clean and your warehouse is well stocked.  
      - As your resort improves, your resort score and star rating improves – can you build the ultimate five-star resort?
      Thanks in advance for all your feedback!

    • By Borrego6165
      Dev Blog link!
      Hello, please check out my new dev blog series for a game that I am working on. Thankyou!
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