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Recommend me plugins/mods

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Im person who likes to play games where failure is possible. Thats why I play simcity 4 with hard difficult without cheats and Im looking plugins that improve gameplay while game is close to vanilla.

Here is a list of plugins Im using now, if you know others similar that fixes bugs or improves vanilla gameplay please let me know.

Carpool fix - in vanilla carpool ordinance does nothing literally, now it reduces pollution but I dont know is it worth of $$$ or not.

Area 51 Air Force Base No Exclusion - If you play on hard difficult these reward buildings are enabled. Area 51 is doctor WUs evil base while airforce base is his enemys base. Normaly you can have only one because they are opposite of each other but since you play on hard difficult now you can have both.

crime fix - eternal crime in airport and county club? Not anymore! Or atleast it should work like that.

private school fix - you can have this if you want or not. This makes private schools much bigger (1 000 -> 10 000), makes it cost cash and includes bus limousin. Why is that is when your city becomes very huge and private school has more than 1 000 pupils quality of education lowers dramatically. So you can download this mod... or simply move your private school crazyeyes.gif

opera house fix - this is an essential. When your city becomes too big bonuses provided by opera house becomes negative.

space port fix - same as opera house. this provides missing works for space port.

missing IH $$$ job fix - this is essential as well. In vanilla IH increases $$$ demand but due to bug there are no $$$ jobs in IH. This is the reason of unemployed billionares.

datafix - better dataview.

RCI query mod - ever wondered why demand suddenly rises and drops? This mod provides some fancy numbers to explain it further.

Functional Landmarks - you have a landmark which could as well be a paper house. Not anymore! This plug adds workslots for every landmark, so if you build an Empire State building there will be over 1 000 slots open for $$$!

SPAM - SPAM basically this reworks whole agriculture making it more vital, profitable, more works, levels of farms and agriculture does not disappear suddenly when your city becomes too big.

NAM - last but the most essential mod.

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These come to mind atm:

All 3 CityHalls Modd Reward fix - So you can get all 3 as rewards when your city meets the right criteria.

SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4 - The most important aspect is no more Crash To Desktop if you hover NAM puzzle pieces over Transit Enabled lots.

Census Repository Facility, Ver. 3.1 - Detailed info.

C.O.R.I.M.A.P.S. - A Tutorial for SimCity 4 - Shameless self promotion for another way to create region maps.

Then, ofc, tips you prolly already know: Do not use Save and Exit to Region or Save and Quit cause there is the possibility of corrupting the saved city file. Rather use the Save by itself in game then exit without save. Also, it's a good idea to make occasional backups of your region folder and to keep at least one spare copy of your plugins folder on some other media.

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Be aware that even with the transit-enabled hover fix the viaduct rail puzzle pieces will still crash the game when hovered over certain rail stations, at least it does for me.

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It would be helpful if you'd report the specific instances that still trigger a CTD. That way there is a chance of fixing any gaps, although it could be down to how the stations are modded.

I've been using the fix without triggering a single CTD since December. I don't even think about the problem anymore, I just throw my PPs around the map with reckless abandon.

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