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REV0's - Transrapid MAGLEV: Released

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25 minutes ago, rovapasi1 said:

I was playing around with a ground station. There the ped paths connected from one plattform to another even they was above 0. But as you stated before this seems to be the case for your station as well, as long as there was only two modules.

EDIT: As far as I remember I never tried three. :-(

I also worked on ground station before, connecting two stations on the ground is not a problem. Connecting both on the above ground then reach to the ground level, then underground then connect with the train track seems not working on C:S

At least I'm happy that modules are now functional even if I have to remodel them. 

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Regarding trams, maybe it's due to the tram tracks having sidewalks? If so, have you tried using the Tram Station Track that is available on the Workshop? 

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Large stations always seem such a challenge to make with regards to tracks and paths, I'm always impressed by the dedication of people who create them. I hope you'll find a solution, this gigantic project is looking beyond fantastic so far!

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Update: I continued to work on ped connections and two things happened. 

1. Aside the path I created above, none of the underground paths I drew is working. There's one magical platform which is working properly and I couldn't figure it out why. So far:

i. Using move it

ii. Using low angled ramps 

iii. Anarchy on 

render platforms useless. So I worked on one single working platform. 

2. By using the platform above, I decided to add extra entrances on edges, by doing so central piece as an entrance gets disabled, so I suppose, the game assigns only 1 main entrance.

That said, here's the train - bus module: 

Bus module will have 3 segments, so In theory it's possible to add 6 stops per module.





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i. Train - bus connection is working fine. I tried to eliminate visual glitches as much as I can, altough, when they are snapped next to each other, cims are crossing over train tracks. While it doesn't effect the functionality, it does look like annoying honestly. I could lower track base to a point that it will remain under the concrete surface; but only rails would be visible (so cims will cross a "crossable looking train track", like how tram connections in real life) Although, I had tried before and it becomes impossible to plot train stops when the tracks are lower than model itself, so it's not possible I'd say, at least not on the spot where train stop will be snapped.

So I'll count it as a sin and move on. Train - bus transition is working and it's both can be placed in any combination, it does no longer affect pathfinding. 

ii. I reworked on the entrances and right now, peds' behaviour, crossing modules will remain mostly invisible (except above) in terms aesthetics. 

iii. There was a terrain flickering between modules, I think i fixed it as well (at least I fixed it on bus module so I will apply the solution on other modules as well)

iv. I will finish the tram module, then check on MOM, I'm not sure how MOM will behave honeslty we'll see. 


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1 minute ago, alborzka said:

So pretty :D

Any chance of making an ATOM-like monorail? Something super sleek and futuristic-looking?

Will be the next project. 

1. Firefly Altrans 

2. My own design

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1 hour ago, bsquiklehausen said:

@R3V0 - what values did you use for illumination? My monorail seems to stay dark at night.

Windows: 128 

Background: 62

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How did you get the sides of the monorail to overlap the rail? I am also working on a Monorail asset and can't seem to get it to work like that. All it does is hover above the rail.

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32 minutes ago, JSF-1 said:



How did you get the sides of the monorail to overlap the rail? I am also working on a Monorail asset and can't seem to get it to work like that. All it does is hover above the rail.

Center of mass / pivot. Set pivot to a point where the train will touch the rails, same work as trains where we set contact point as pivot

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...can we have a version of the innovia monorail where all the grey is line colorable, rather than just the thin stripes on the front? I think it looks a bit dull with just grey.

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12 hours ago, R3V0 said:

Now I need to find a speed limit remover mod. Monorail tracks are limited to 120km/h it's seems .

There is one for trains. Maybe this could be expanded.

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