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Mary miller

Mary Millers Creations

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2 hours ago, Mary Maurine Mayo said:

@CorinaMarie I am about finished with the soybean farm. About to start testing both lots to be sure they work.


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23 minutes ago, Mary Maurine Mayo said:

i am looking for a tutorial on how to make a terrian and water mod.... I need Snow for my CJ and Ice for the water....


You can see PEG SNOWMOD for terrain. And somewhere there was ice on the water... 

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2 minutes ago, Silur said:

You can see PEG SNOWMOD for terrain. And somewhere there was ice on the water... 

i am using PEGs Snow Mod.. I tried the antartica Mod but it keeps crashing to desktop. I know a long time ago there was one for ice on the water but i cant find it now. 

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On 19/05/2017 at 4:23 PM, Mary Maurine Mayo said:

I tried the antartica Mod but it keeps crashing to desktop

Usually this occurs when you try to load HD textures (those above 256x256px), but SC4 is not using the DirectX Hardware renderer.

Making a water mod is not too difficult, you just need to make a set of 5 textures and give then the right IDs. Just take a peek inside an existing mod to see what I'm getting at. By comparison making a new terrain mod is a huge amount of work. This is because the sheer number of variations there are of such textures. Creating a complete set whilst ensuring they all play nicely together is a big undertaking.

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