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How I'm getting along

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Seems like a reasonable quantity of work is being done considering the conditions.  You like C++ better than Java Script.  This is not surprising.  What are you doing about staying portable between operating systems?

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All the libraries I base my work on are already cross-platform (OpenGL, GLFW, ...). The most hairy thing I predict will be different video cards and their capabilities - I'm aiming for OpenGL 3.3 with minimal extensions there. The only other issue that I can foresee now is endianness for save game formats - but this is an old and solvable problem.

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Glad to hear that.  If you stay with public domain stuff, the only thing necessary will be a platform compile using conditionals in the makefile.

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I'm so happy for you! You have developed libraries in C++ for doing what you want for CityBound and seem to be thriving in the new programming language and environment. Keep up the great work!


I want to look at how you worked with JavaScript/ECMAScript before and what you were able to accomplish (not your code per sé because I'm making a game where the environment can be considered a 3D grid rendered in 2D and my game will be online, eventually with leaderboards, cloud snapshots (saves statistics and room placement only), and annoying social features I never considered before) for inspiration and realistic goals.



It is sort of a shame that I will have to bridge the gap between Dream Heights, Corporation Inc, and IsoTower if I am to carve out my own niche, instead of bridging the gap between Yoot Tower and LinCity because there are 5+ desktop games being developed and they look retro while doing things I want to do. This forces me to go with an online game that is either free or freemium that looks and feels unique. I would sure love advice regarding the use of ECMAScript and HTML5.


The answers to my questions are on the Internet:

JavaScript on the client side might as well be open source. (Good move on your part, switching to C++)

Multicore JavaScript requires a library.

Running the game on the server allows a range of devices to have similar experiences & performance and different clients could be developed to utilize different inputs (keyboard, mouse, touch screen) while protecting most of the code.


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