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A Music Update From Dane

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Impressive!  Composition for a game is not particularly easy, so what you are doing is quite good if somewhat unpolished at this point.  Keep on keeping on.

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20 hours ago, Urban Cartographer said:

It would be interesting if we could get sheet music if Citybounders spend a little extra.

This is fraught with copyright problems.  I have a pretty good annotation package (MuseScore) which will do that, and especially if connected with a midi interface.  Composing without a midi can be a real drag.  On the other hand if you already have an annotated score, it could be transcribed to MuseScore for some nice printing.  It will also output a score in any computer format you want with respect to the sound from *.wav to *.flac.

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    • By biff
      Music is powerful. SimCity's music is no exception. That's why I decided to upload it.
      Each game's music is individually packaged, so you can pick and choose what you want. Simply unzip - I recommend 7zip for the task - and enjoy.
      If you want to view my first attempt at a SimCity music collection, you can see it here. What you're reading right now is the third overhaul of this collection to date.
      And yes, I might get around to The Sims' music one day.
      All music is sorted by date of release. All archives are ZIP format. More detailed information about the music itself can be found in the .txt files packaged with each game's music.
      SimCity for Windows, SimCity Classic for Windows, SimCity Enhanced
      3 MIDI files, 1 MP3 file at 128 kbps, 611 kilobytes uncompressed (not including box art)
      SimCity (Amiga CDTV)
      18 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 57 megabytes uncompressed
      SimCity (SNES)
      24 MP3 files at 79-159 kbps, 50 megabytes uncompressed (including images)

      The music for the two ports, both of which came out in 1991, was never officially released.
      SIMCITY 2000 MUSIC
      MIDIs from 1994 original release and 1995 Special Edition release
      19 MIDI files, 112 kilobytes uncompressed
      Original sound effects from original release & SE
      30 WAV files, 455 kilobytes uncompressed
      MAC version, released 1994
      15 MP3 files at 256-320 kbps, 54.7 megabytes uncompressed
      Assembled by biff; thanks to jjakucyk for originally uploading and researching additional information
      IBM PC General MIDI recording (1994)
      14 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 63 megabytes uncompressed
      General MIDI is a standardized specification for music synthesizers that respond to MIDI input. Likewise, the IBM Personal Computer was the personal computer that put IBM-like personal computers on the map, and its influence is felt to this day. This recording is from an IBM PC using General MIDI.
      Originally recorded by VengefulChip
      IBM PC Roland MT-32 recording (1994)
      14 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 63.2 megabytes uncompressed
      The Roland MT-32, originally released in 1987, proved popular enough to set a de facto standard for game music up until the mid-90's. This recording is from an emulation.
      Originally recorded by VengefulChip
      Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth recording (1995)
      19 MP3 files at 192-256 kbps, 56.7 megabytes uncompressed
      The Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth is the MIDI synthesizer that was bundled with Windows when SC2K Special Edition came out. It uses a sound set created by Roland in 1991, a superset of the General MIDI standard of the day. The samples were considered high quality when it was released.
      Recorded by biff
      SNES version, released 1995
      10 OGG files at 128 kbps, 9.88 megabytes uncompressed (including images)
      Emulator rip by Felamine
      Sega Saturn version, released 1995
      16 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 80 megabytes uncompressed (including images)
      Originally recorded by VengefulChip
      PlayStation version, released 1996
      Music - 18 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 76 megabytes uncompressed
      Sound effects - 34 WAV files at 88 kbps, 496 kilobytes uncompressed
      80 megabytes total (including images)
      Sound effects ripped by Nero1024 at vg-resource.com, music ripped by wzg45
      Sound Blaster AWE64 recording (1996)
      14 MP3 files at 256 kbps, 52.4 megabytes uncompressed
      The Sound Blaster Advanced Wave Effects 64 ISA sound card from Creative Technology was released in 1996, and was generally considered the best sound card of the '90s.
      Recorded by AndrosynthNuclear, assembled by biff
      Nintendo 64 version (Japanese exclusive released around 1997/1998)
      38 MP3 files at 85-198 kbps, 53 megabytes uncompressed (including images)
      Original USF files provided by Josh W. & converted/made up by wzg45

      SimCity 2000 Special Edition WillTV
      Thanks to the Internet Archive for hosting this all along so I don't have to
      27 MP3 files at 128 kbps (320 kbps for menu/hangar music), 132 megabytes uncompressed
      Advertisements & DJs
      95 WAV files at 88 kbps, ~14 megabytes uncompressed
      148 megabytes total (including images)
      Note that the music was originally encoded at a low bitrate, hence the quality (and a certain self-aware radio identifier). There is no known commercial release for this music.
      Thanks to shoptroll for helping me acquire this
      16 MP3 files at 204-232 kbps, 1 WAV file (at 176 kbps, 621 KB) 124 megabytes uncompressed
      145 WAV files at 176 kbps, ~41 megabytes uncompressed
      Additional radio music
      7 WAV files at 352 kbps, 80 megabytes uncompressed
      250 megabytes total (including images)
      Included are both the high quality soundtrack and the additional radio music, because there are some radio tracks that aren't in the soundtrack.
      Thanks to Cool_Z for helping me acquire this
      SimCity 3000 Soundtrack
      16 MP3 files at 128 kbps (except 2000 Theme which is 160), 1 WAV file (705 kbps), 80 megabytes uncompressed
      SimCity 3000 Unlimited Soundtrack
      5 MP3 files at 101-128 kbps, 2 WAV files at 705 kbps, 25 megabytes uncompressed
      21 MP3 files, 3 WAV files, 238 megabytes total (including images)
      Game sounds
      798 WAV & MP3 files, 125 megabytes uncompressed
      The SimCity 3000/Unlimited music is stored in the game's files in a proprietary file format. Sound effects were converted with the Switch Sound File Converter.
      SimCity 4 Soundtrack
      24 MP3 files at 128-320 kbps, 178 megabytes uncompressed
      Rush Hour Soundtrack
      13 MP3 files at 128-320 kbps, 60 megabytes uncompressed
      35 MP3 files, 247 megabytes total (including images)
      All of the SimCity 4/Rush Hour music is available in the game's directory, in the Radio folder.
      SimCity Societies Soundtrack
      15 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 100 megabytes uncompressed
      14 additional OGG files
      43 megabytes uncompressed
      Rockstar & Street Performer tracks ripped by wzg45
      Destinations music
      7 OGG files, 17 megabytes uncompressed
      36 files, 166 megabytes total (including images)
      The official soundtrack consists of only 15 tracks from the base game, which are in MP3 format. All but one of the rest are in Ogg Vorbis format. The soundtrack was only released in digital format.
      SimCity DS
      32 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 162 megabytes uncompressed
      Ripped by Knurek at http://hcs64.com; uses Legacy of Ys: Book II driver hacked by Caitsith2; converted by wzg45.
      SimCity Creator Wii
      57 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 60 megabytes
      Ripper unknown, music provided by wzg45.
      SimCity DS 2 AKA SimCity Creator DS
      13 OGG files, 47 megabytes
      Ripped by wizzario007, music provided by wzg45.
      112 megabytes total (including images)
      SimCity Creator was released for the Nintendo Wii in September 2008, and SimCity DS 2 (also known as SimCity Creator in Europe, North America, and Australia) was released in March 2008. The music for either was never officially released.
      8 MP3 files at 128 kbps, 16 megabytes uncompressed
      And just for kicks
      SimMars Soundtrack (direct download link)
      22 MP3 files at 128-224 kbps, 103 megabytes uncompressed
      This is from a SimCity 4 mod and not part of the collection, but I want to provide a direct link anyway. A bit more convenient than downloading a text file containing the link to the download, no?
      If you want to support Jerry Martin and the other composers & musicians, I suggest you purchase any and/or all available albums of this music from Amazon or iTunes. The music from Streets, SC3K, SC4 and SC Societies - as well as the 2013 reboot and its expansion, not included here for copyright reasons - are available from both services. However, the Societies and 4 selections are sadly incomplete, and the music from SC3K Unlimited & Societies Destinations is missing entirely.
      To play this music (or any other music for that matter) in SimCity 4, find your SC4 application folder and go to Radio\Stations. There should be two folders, Mayor and Region. Inside each of these folders is another folder named Music. Only MP3 files will play in the game, so place whichever MP3 files you want into the folder you want. For previous SimCity games, muting the in-game music and playing this collection with an external music player will suffice.
      Compressed size of version 2.5 (last version before V3 update): 923 megabytes
      Uncompressed size of version 2.5: 956 megabytes
      Compressed total size of version 3: 1.94 gigabytes
      Uncompressed total size of version 3: 2.05 gigabytes
      Thanks to:
      http://alerante.net & http://simsoundtracks.com/ for SimCity 3000/4 track information, trivia & quotes
      shoptroll, Cool_Z, CaptCity, cromabianca (he's remixed some of SC2K's music here if you're interested) & A Nonny Moose
      Will Wright, Jeff Braun & Maxis
      The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation
      VengefulChip (YouTube channel)
      Squakenet (YouTube channel)
      jjakucyk (YouTube channel)
      AndrosynthNuclear (YouTube channel)
      Builder4563 (YouTube channel)
      TheSims3EAmusic (YouTube channel)
      banaan442 (YouTube channel)

      Every composer and musician listed elsewhere in the collection
      YOU for downloading or even reading any of this
      Update history:
      SimCity Music Collection V. 1 released August 3rd, 2009
      SimCity Music Collection V. 2 released March 20th, 2012
      SimCity Music Collection V. 2.1 changes(September 14th, 2012): Updated SimCity SNES music
      SimCity Music Collection V. 2.2 changes(May 29th, 2013): Updated readme & SimCity 3000 Unlimited music/sound effects, Readme updated (again) on June 9th, 2013 with references to other parts (SimCopter)
      SimCity Music Collection V. 2.3 changes(October 21st, 2013): added SimCity Classic Deluxe music, updated Readme
      SimCity Music Collection V. 2.4 changes(January 30th, 2014): added Streets of SimCity music, updated Readme
      SimCity Music Collection V. 2.5 changes(April 15th, 2014): transferred all files to Google Drive, reuploaded uncorrupted Part 4, removed 'alternate' music which was just MIDI files run through a faulty converter, updated Readme
      SimCity Music Collection V. 3 released 4:15 AM, September 3rd, 2015 - almost completely rewrote Readme, added metadata to and properly organized all tracks possible, added box/disc/album art where available, added text files with more detailed album/track/artist data where available, added SimCity Creator (Wii/DS) music, reconverted SimCity Societies music, added more Streets of SimCity music/radio files, added SimCopter radio files, added SimCity DS/DS 2 music, revamped and added to SimCity 2000 music
      February 1st, 2017: Swapped out Streets of SimCity track #14 for a version with proper audio channels thanks to Prisoner416

      Beware reading my posts beyond this point, at least up to around page 6 - I was but a neophyte then!
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