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CT14's Railroad Lots and BAT

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In-N-Out Lowrider Show released

The lot is released to accompany the Lowrider Props. I've added some Maxis street lamps with their light cones. The crowd props and SHK prop families are timed, so this lot has a bit of action.

The @Simmer2 Props Vol03 also came in handy with their realistic sized dumpster/waste oil barrels, and ground clutter/fallen vegetation.

I've chosen to leave this one as a CS$ growable only, for a change. However it is limited to Houston tileset, for those who want to make it easier to grow.

In-N-Out Lowrider Show - Day.jpg

In-N-Out Lowrider Show - Night.jpg

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I've been working on a few things here and there. Something in my plugins is giving prop pox, but I haven't found it yet, so there's that.

Singer Building W2W relotSinger_Prop.png.822fa7c69cab7490178a0ee9162b1f73.png

A request has been made for the hastily dashed-off Singer Building W2W relot - I was thinking of putting streetside props on it to release it, but doubt I'll find the time soon.

It looks like the original upload is no longer on the STEX. Anyway, here is a quick 3x3 plop of the BAT to be decorated or relotted.

Singer Building - Relot.zip

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DeKalb lot and railroad BAT testing

I wanted to get some motivation to finish the DeKalb BAT, so I worked on a lot for it... while testing some new HD railroad models cleaned up from the Warehouse. A GG-1 in Amtrak livery, pulling the Maxis coal train. A steam locomotive with coal tender. And a railroad water tower.

The DeKalb tower's concrete has been textured with a coal dusty look... vents, doors and windows are mostly complete. Grand staircase has its full run but needs railings. Lamps over the chutes are in place.

The empty coal cars are feeding the hopper that is conveyed into the elevated part of the tower, and from there into the locomotives' tenders.

The ground textures with coal are from @Simmer2's Swan Mill texture pack.

And of course RippTide's wagons are out of sync with the GG-1, this is just for fun. But the lot could fit early or mid 20th century.

Smoke effects

They are in SimCity_1.dat, and are only accessible (as props) in the Maxis Lot Editor, not in Pim-X as far as I can tell. I added them to the lot with the regular LE, then went back to work fine tuning their position in Pim-X. About 3-4 trial and error tests to get it over the smokestacks.




Here is a photo of a prototypical GG-1 hauling coal (Conrail and Amtrak both had black GG-1s):



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This is looking great!  Smoke effects are tough to get right because you have to get the right height, then adjust so all four views look right.  I pretty much go through the Dane process as you when adding effects (PIM, then PIM-X)

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Old time utility lots

SimCoug posted an old time urban power plant made with only Maxis props (link)... I took the idea a bit further and made some fancy ones out of default Chicago residential BATs. Plus an old water tower/pumping station combo lot.


I also took the opportunity to do the Jestarr boiler house power plants that I'd been thinking of.


The diagonal lot doesn't have smoke because I couldn't figure out how to make the smokestack (off-lot overhanging) line up with the smoke effect prop (limited to placement on the 1x1 lot only). Possible solutions include increasing lot size.

Bison Co-op Grain Elevator






Here is the Bison Co-op Grain Elevator, another Maxis Buildings as Props special. This is a grain elevator with an older part and a modern addition., a 4x6 I-Ag landmark lot with jobs. Please let me know if you find any issues with the lot. I plan to eventually post it to the STEX. The lot is transit enabled for road (appearance only) and rail (capacity 1000).

Its dependencies:

  • Maxis Buildings as Props
  • BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01.dat
  • BSC Mega Props - JES Vol03.dat
  • BSCMegaProps - JES Vol05.dat
  • BSC Mega Props - JES Vol06.dat
  • BSC Mega Props - JES Vol09.dat

Download it here: PLOP_4x6_Bison Co-op Grain Elevator_86c2a4ce.SC4Lot

19th Century Wooden Dock Elevators

I've been into these chimaeras for some time. Here is a source photo from Brooklyn - possibly Gowanus Canal mouth, though I haven't been able to verify the exact location or identity of these buildings:


More delicious prototypes, many from Atlantic Basin, Brooklyn, NYC:








Here is a new original BAT based on the building at center right above, intended to work with either Historic Harbor or various canal sets.

The marine leg with bucket conveyor is extended as if just about to enter the barge or canal boat. I want to model canal boats since the SG Canal Dock boats are baked into a canal bank BAT. There is probably some boat or ship appropriate to the period that will fit under the leg nicely, and I'll check the usual suspect prop packs.

Historic Harbor version (based on Quay Ortho A lot):



The bottom story of the warehouse needs to be finished, and warehouse filler models (also in stone and wood cladding) will be created. Elevator variants will include fireproofed versions. The textures are an obvious WIP but I'm happy with materials so far.

The warehouse part of the BAT is fully shadowed in the south rotation, which looks strange, especially next to other structures that are not shadowed. I'll move it to a separate BAT.

I resized the RippTide wagon down by 60% to match prototypical draft horse sizing; it's a little smaller than the HH KrashSpeed props as a result. I will keep looking into scale but may just match KS scale.

This one is tentatively "Llama A" after the old practice of calling elevators A, B, C...

Dock Elevator With SimGoober Canals



Improved textures and details on the elevator,


and made a Warehouse (and a bunch of old time signs!)


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In addition to more work on the above BATs, I've recently done this quick Historic Harbor-compatible relot of JMeyers' Bender Building:


The plan is to trawl through the rest of JMeyers BATs and grab a few more that fit the theme, then release a lot pack.

I've also noticed another Jestarr boilerhouse variation BAT, which will be added to the boilerhouse power plant pack before release.

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Catching up here:

The jestarr Boilerhouse power plants are ready, and released. Please post here if you find any problems with them.

I had a lot of fun figuring out the sint64 numbers for the capacity/monthly cost values...turns out the Windows calculator in Programmer mode gives you the correct hex values after you enter decimal numbers and switch to 'hex' view.

Historic Harbor lot factory

I've created a tool with AutoIt that lets me zip through creating new HH lots - it updates all the IID references, increments placeholder names, etc so I can 1-button create new lots which follow HH standards:

  • Plop on water or land
  • Conform to same level as other HH lots
  • Custom UI including plop on query
  • Menu sort appropriately

This has increased my productivity quite a bit in that area - I've nearly completed a set of dock rail puzzle pieces with custom icons, a dock road set, and dozens of dockside industry pieces.

Pending quality control and compatibility testing, the dockside industry buildings will be released in packs for each set of BATs' creators... JMeyers is first in line for release, with SimGoober and jestarr packs not far behind.

@Angry Mozart train prop testing

During the last month, along with other folks, I've been helping test parts of Angry Mozart's amazing new train set. Progress is steady, and I can say that release will be a game changer. Much of the rolling stock which is represented in the set has never been seen before in SC4.

A multitude of angles is represented for every car, textures worked and reworked to perfection, and we're at the stage of shaking out remaining bugs in the prop exemplars. Over thirty bugs have already been filed and over 90% fixed on the portion I've tested - we want this set to be a consistent, high quality experience for lotters.

New BATs

I haven't forgotten about the DeKalb coaling tower, or Goober's Stores - haven't had big chunks of time to spend on anything recently, so the lotting/modding projects have been easier to work on.

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On 2016. 11. 01. at 0:07 AM, CT14 said:




I don't know why I just discovered this thread now... Very nice projects over here, the grain elevator looks cool :), and you gave me nice ideas with your recent upload... Diagonal Industry is very needed in the game, so I was very happy when you released your FAB set. They will get a nice place at the upcoming SeaPorts (whenever will that be happening), and now you gave me some idea with this diagonal boiler house too... Thanks for that...

I went through most of the pages now, I've seen a lot of goodiness. FAR and Diagonal industrial and commercial stuffs, oh dear, I love them, I hope we can see them released once! :)

I know that the Gasholder house was released, but I don't remember the lot what you made, what is on the above picture. Has that been released or not, or not yet? Are you planing? Because I love it, and I would like to see in my cities! :)

Thank you for your work!


- Tyberius

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@Tyberius06 Hey, thanks. That gasworks lot isn't released yet. I made it rely on another big, complicated unreleased set (FAB ortho) so I guess I'll change it a little, update it to use my NW coal hopper props, and release it.

Norfolk and Western hoppers update to 1.1

I've just now updated the hoppers to use a single .dat file, and added cohort exemplars for the prop families, so they have names in the Lot Editor now.


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Town Gasworks and the somewhat reluctant abandonment of true scale for vehicles

While working on the Town Gasworks lot, I ended up playing with scale for some new, imported car models. The small ones are true 100% real life scale, and obviously look too small next to Sims (I guess so does the entire Lowrider pack...)

The larger models are just a tiny bit too big at 133% of true scale, so I will rerender to 125% to see how that looks.

An entire 20s-30s car pack will follow, but these versions will have unique colors found only on the Gasworks lot ;)

And yes, the pack will contain plenty of French Streamliners like the Talbot Lago  Delahaye below...


Transit enabling power plant lots, and a good TE reference for lotters

If anyone knows how to get TE squares to function on a power plant, please share... for now, the Gasworks will be an I-D landmark lot with a freight railroad pass through.

This thread by Mott at SC4D is a good run-down of TE mechanics for lot builders, and has been very helpful:

TE Lots, Transit Switches, and You :)

Note that the TE hover crash, described in Mott's thread, is now a thing of the past thanks to SC4Fix (all praises due to simmaster07). All the other info seems current though.

For example, according to the above thread, only one route ought to be used per lot... additional TE squares won't function. This also means only one TE type can be used per lot.

It gets even stranger when I tried to add some "cosmetic" TE pieces for appearance, one tile only of a large lot, and the game wouldn't recognize them! I will try with PIM-X transit editing instead of SC4Tool, since I seem to have done this somehow for the earlier version of the Gasworks lot.

Here's the link to the essential patch to fix TE hover crashes (not just for NAM, but all of them!)

edit: more Town Gasworks WIP shots

Side by side with a previous version:





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