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STEX CDs and Donations

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It certainly isn't ST and it certainly is PayPal.

I've checked and it's working for me (Mac, Safari 10.1) so perhaps web browser/Java/cache related. I recreated your situation and once I selected US the page reloaded to give me State and ZIP code options. Does your page reload when you select the US? 

(I also selected the UK and the form changed again for UK specific details)

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On 13/04/2017 at 9:07 AM, _marsh_ said:

I am unable to pay for anything because paypal wont let me choose states, I can only choose Canadian provinces. I PMed Dirk about this but it's been a few days, maybe someone else can help. I am unsure if this is a ST problem, paypal problem, or only a problem for me and wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this problem?




Thanks for your intended support of the site.

If it's any help, I was able to retrieve the list of US states (or other country area) by:

  1. First entering the desired Donation amount at the top.
  2. Selecting the Country. The page will then auto-reload (you may need to enter a quick security code).
  3. The correct area list should now be populated, and can be selected. The same also for other country specifics, such as "ZIP Code" vs "Postcode".

Not entering the donation amount seems to prevent the fields from updating. Since it rather counter-intuitively throws an error upon selecting the country, once the page is refreshed. PayPal really ought to improve that, such as by only validating once the form is submitted.

Hopefully this works for you. *:)

If not, I'll inform Dirk via the emergency line.

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An update:

Dirk has now changed the PayPal form to an alternative method, which should hopefully simplify the checkout process for donations.

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Hey thanks for all the help. I'm currently having different problems with pay pal and can't try to solve this current problem but I appreciate the responses. If I don't respond just assume my problem is solved. ;) Thanks.

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