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The worst building in the world

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The architect gave a set of Legos to their 5-year-old child and said "build something". Then the architect sketched their children's design and sold it to somebody who thought it would be a "radical" and "novel" building concept.

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The Millennium Tower in San Francisco, to me, is not the world's ugliest building despite being a top-end luxury high-rise condominium building in the heart of the city, but it is sinking and tilting, and lawsuits are now being filed over that.  The building's homeowner's association is suing Millennium Partners, builder of the tower, and the Transbay Joint Powers Authority, claiming that nearby construction is causing the sinking; and now the San Francisco city attorney is suing the building's developer, claiming that they withheld information on the sinking from potential buyers.




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Former AT&T Building / Valero Energy Corp. Building at Avenue B and McCullough Avenue

San Antonio, Texas


(Image by The Rivard Report and Google Earth)




(Images by Juanito M. Garza, San Antonio Express-News)

It's pretty bleak.  1980s utilitarian architecture for back office services, except this is such a narrowly-focused, institutional utilitarianism that the blocks are ironically dysfunctional against human use and have been drearily vacant for years.  Avenue B...the main street didn't even garner the dignity of a proper name!

Admittedly, when these were built, this portion of the San Antonio River upstream from the touristy Riverwalk had been poorly engineered and neglected, with its flows altered, its channel lined with concrete walls, the waters spoilt with trash, and the surrounding areas zoned as blighted light industry.  The reasonable developer move was to build a concrete retaining wall to block off a property from the ugliness of the river.  This section of the river has been rehabilitated as the Museum Reach segment of the San Antonio River Improvement Project, which essentially extended the Riverwalk from downtown and the new Tobin Center for the Performing Arts northwards to the San Antonio Museum of Art and the popular Pearl Brewery urban redevelopment node.  With a re-landscaped river and large investment projects along its length, this long-blighted area of the inner city is now a hotbed of development.

CPS Energy, the local municipal utility, had been looking to consolidate its offices into a new headquarters, especially as its current headquarters in a downtown Riverwalk building built in the 1920s had become too small for its current 800 occupants and was in need of major renovation.  It was originally envisioned that a new downtown skyscraper tower be constructed, but internal leadership politics among the executive board led to the less grandiose plan of reusing the former AT&T Building.  1,200 workers will be moved into the new River North campus, while its downtown Riverwalk buildings will be released for other development.

As seen from conceptual plans approved yesterday, the building is to be completely gutted, internally reorganized, and re-skinned:


The concrete retaining walls cutting off the building from the river are also supposed to come down.

Lipstick on a pig perhaps, but, if they do this right, maybe it will no longer be the ugliest, most banal, most dysfunctional building I've seen recently.

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hello dear
I dont want to find difference between these but both are amazing....*:yes:*:yes:

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Louis Brown Athletic Center in Piscataway, NJ

It's an 8'000 seat Indoor Stadium used by Rutgers that comes off as way to small (Most of Rutgers rivals have at least 50% more seating at the minimum) and suffers typical poor aging effects that most large scale brutalist buildings suffer. Also it just looks Ugly in my opinion.




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