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Cities: Skylines - Community Modding Requests

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Tram Stops at avenue tram tracks are very minimalistic. The pole and that's it. I have an idea how to make tram stops look much better. All we need is a shelter prop which can be used as a proper tram station? See the picture.


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I'm willing to overhaul the whole tram network but I just don't have the time at the moment. First MOM, then another secret project (You should know if you know me). Eventually I will get around it, with help of coders.

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Seems I posted this on the wrong page originally.. opps

Anyway, Can anyone assist me with my new project, I require two assets build, a house and a barn for my new Cities Skylines Project.

See below:


Barn: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/walkingdead/images/1/14/Hershel's_Barn.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20111130021850

Thank you for your time.

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Hello everyone,
It's been a long time since I've been to Simtropolis.. a lot has changed..*:thumb:
Nice to see they have a Cities Skylines section as well..*:golly: and good thing I found a mod request topic

Because... what I wanted to ask is if anyone could make a Shinkansen E4 MAX for the game..
I have tried 3D modelling myself.. but it just isn't cut out for me.. I've tried, and I've failed.. many times.. :]

I would like to have this one in the game for those high capacity train routes.. plus it looks awesome.. and it's a nice addition to the Shinkansen we already have in the Workshop
I know we already have the TGV Duplex and that you can change the amount of passengers with IPT etc..
But personally, I'm not a big fan of the TGV trains because of the 2 powercars.. More a fan of EMU's (Electrical Multiple Units) that can seat passengers in all cars.. Like the ICE-3.

I already searched for the dimensions of the train since I tried modelling it myself.. but failed :]
Head/Tail car; 25,7m (84ft. 4in.)
Middle cars; 25m (82ft.)
Width; 3,38m (11ft. 1in.)
Height; 4,485m (14ft. 8in.) <-- Not sure if this height includes the pantographs but I think not

All E4's are 8 car trainsets with cars 4 and 6 having the pantograph on top.
There are also 16 car trainsets with 2 8 car sets combined.

I hope to see it in our games soon.
Thanks if anyone is willing to do it..

Best regards,






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I would honestly love it, if people could make more London train stations. I think that now that we have mass transit coming out, stations like Victoria or Waterloo would be awesome to have as hubs.. just a thought.. plus, they look awesome!

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Would any know how to fix the post processing mod? It's anti aliasing options no longer work and the creator isn't active.

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I would like to see some buildings from Russia and Mongolia

Tibetan Buddhist temples







Shamanic temples



Orthodox churches




















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