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Water Edge Development

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This might be too early to mention this, but I found this has been traditionally been missing and neglected in a lot of city-building games. I posted the idea on Reddit, however I thought I would post it here as well to gain a more veteran fanbase point of view. I also did a sketch to illustrate what I'm talking about and thought It help explain what I'm talking about and how it could be implemented. Basically, the Idea is about riverside/shoreline development such as marina's,, parks  walkways, possible commercial businesses, small docks, convention centres etc that you would find in an urban area which consisted of a water body, allowing these to be built flexibly on curve shorelines or water edges of any shape or angle. Along with this, it also allows players to create a lighting plan in cities and give water bodies more life at night and make a city more complete where water bodies exist. Good examples are Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Melbourne, Sydney etc. If you examine developments along the area which defines the border where water meets land.


Another Idea mentioned in the same reddit I posted was how motorways or highways are build along the water edge as well, being partially in the water via being elevated.
, for example:


I found this was a growing trend in cities, probably due to conserving more space inland in more higher density areas.

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With this, it would be great to recreate waterfronts.  Some cities have islands off their waterfronts, such as Toronto (the Toronto Islands present a great view of the city skyline).

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