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Mushy's Random BATs

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About the containers, if you look at the top of the red container, you can see the grey container getting reflected. To me that would indicated that the reflectivity of that material needs to be lowered. 

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The little effects on the roof are perfect, yes it looks like some real roofing material now instead of like a kids playground rubber or something. 

I really like this model. It changes things up a bit in our games with the roof color but it's still minimal enough to work. Would you consider improvising another model that could be like a long overhanging lean to style garage that matches this building. That could run along the back of the Lot(a different larger Lot that also contains this main building) to create a larger main equipment/truck yard that can be placed near a highway, and this one stays small to be placed in the inner city. 

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The nonuniform arrangement of each truck is too spot on! Every industrial lot I see in LA satellite images show lines of them and they are never as orderly as the default props! Will definitely be using this model when it's released!

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This is a neat little yard. Good work. :) Perhaps this could be modded as a utility building. May be as a recycle yard or garbage dump. I am always in need for urban garbage handling facilities. ;) Ideal for a large Asian city. 

I couldn't park in that yard. Even if my life would depend on it. :D


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    • By nek0master
      So I downloaded a handful of Japanese and some Generic Asian styled stuff from here and from other places, but nothing seems to be growing.
      I tried a bunch of stuff from a guy named Moonlight but only their 1x2 size houses and 3x3 housing lots grow and only the gas station.
      I've tried removing every other mod in plug in folder other then the asian lots and the maxis lot blocker, but nothing seems to work. If I remove the block maxis lots mod, then all of the maxis stuff builds and none of the asian stuff. I even removed Network Addon Mod and CAM to see if they where conflicting but that didnt help either.
      I've made sure they had power, water, and provided waste management. I've also tried all kinds of zone sizes from 1x1 to 4x4 and nothing grows. I've basically done everything one would need to make sure that a town grows.
      I dunno what else to add here to help as this is the first time I've run into an issue of having lots not grow in game. The only other thing I can think of is that either my setup can't handle Japanese/Asian mods with Asian characters in the names of stuff, or that it doesnt like my North American version of SimCity 4.
    • By CorinaMarie
      And in today's adventures I have (after much trial and error) learned how to make a custom prop. First I took screenshots of a Maxis god mode tree in SC4 and then made the images that SC3K likes:

      Here I've placed it on a lot in the BAP:

      And here it is in the game:

      In case anyone would like to test this I'll attach it here. The zip contains it as a prop package, a building, and as a landmark for easy testing.
      Cori Tree 01 Pkg.zip
    • By rsc204
      I've been busy making a number of things using SC4BAT and recently moved to 3DS Max because I suppose I should learn it sooner or later if I'm serious about making stuff. I've already shown off the Rail Depot which is progressing well, but I've a few problems to iron out still.
      Here's another model I'm close to finalising, it's a small supermarket/shop that I used to frequent:

      It's an M&S Simply Foods these days, but the actual building was converted from a TGI Fridays restaurant. As such, I intend to convert the model to be a restaurant and also a shop. For the shop at least, I'm hoping to make a couple different brands and maybe move some of the features about so the model is more flexible.
      Note the phone box in the picture? I've always wanted to see a KX100 BT Phonebox in SC4. If you are not from the UK, you might think we use the Red phone boxes (K7) that are commonly associated with the UK. The reality is, since the mid 80's these have been massively phased out. Ironically I see more Red boxes around Continental Europe than I ever do back home.

      Here are some on a lot with other SC4 phone boxes for comparison. The red ones are Bombardiere's fantastic K7 boxes. Then the smaller gray/silver box is from Girafe, the white one is from Porkie. I've based my scale on the first, which I think fits the game, sadly all the wonderful detail of the phone box is totally lost when rendering such a small object, even in HD:

    • By Krio
      TG Krio Megapack is a proppack for my uploads. Bats and models by Krio, modding by various BSC guys and gals, mostly RippleJet and barbyw.
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