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Rufus Honker IV

Trade port rail/water question

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I know the rail connection has a selling payout every 360 minutes, and the shipping connection every 180 (or something like that). 


Is there any benefit in building both in a city that has both rail and water, or should you just build the shipping on the water?

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There is no benefit for selling purposes.. It could be handy to have both for shipping resources to other isolated cities without water/river access.


The best example is Pinewood Hill in Titan Gorge region.. Pinewood Hill shares the same river with Conestoga Crossing, Settler's Rest and Mesquite.  It is also connected by rail to Prospect.. Look at http://simcity2013wiki.com/wiki/Titan_Gorge for a map of Titan Gorge. Pinewood Hill with a Trade port rail/water becomes a transit center for 3 sub-regions alloying it to ship resources (coal, ore, computers, etc..) to help complete 3 great works. For this to happen, Mesquite must have a rail trade port and Conestoga Crossing and Settler's Res should have a ship trade port..

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