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clarification about SC4 B.A.T. and GMAX

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good morning everyone..just a quick question.reason for this post is that i'm trying to learn how to BAT and need some clarification. does it matter if I use SC4 B.A.T. or GMAX? i know that SC4 BAT is an extension of GMAX, but i'm trying to find out if where I should focus my attention on..Or does it even matter which one I should use. any replies or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there,

The quick answer is yes, without the BAT gamepack, it's not possible to create compatible models using Gmax. You're right, the BAT is only an extension of Gmax, as the tools and features are essentially the same. So really it's just like a compatability layer. The main reason is to create models in a workable format. These can then be exported to match the game's requirements (.SC4MODEL). Gmax can't do this on its own.

For other (non SimCity) games, different gamepacks are needed for the same reason.

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